Stock AWD Focus?

Discussion in '2002 Ford Focus RS WRC' started by mariowrc, Aug 9, 2002.

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    you don't have to post what you think everywhere, i am sure everyone has read at least another thread here, and has seen your comments.
    to tell you the truth the corolla and civic aren't anybetter looking than this. at least this thing has balls.
  2. just curious, is there a stock version of the Ford Focus that is AWD? Dont WRC cars have to be based on a stock car?
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    in europe there is with 250hp. damn thats a nice car.
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    Yes there is, but only in Europe. I really don't care if a version will be offered in the United States as I think the Fukus (Focus) is ugly.<!-- Signature -->
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    I don't think they have to be that closely based on the road going car. Look at the Hyundai Accent - I think the best that will happen is a front wheel drive turbo model (understeer anyone?) - they don't even offer an AWD version on the road. I don't think they even offer a 2.0 litre version at the moment. About all WRC cars have in common now is the manufacturer and the bodyshell - and maybe the engine block and it's got 4 wheels.
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    There is no current AWD Focus for sale anywhere in the world. Europe has a high-performance Focus, but it is still FWD.
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    umm... right... all wrc cars still have to be homologated, and based on a specific number of road going versions sold to the public (not neccessarily sold to the general public) and those versions have to have the same body/drivetrain and be based on the same engine. if you guys havnt noticed, there are a lot of privately run 4wd ford focus's in rallys now.. where do u think these guys are getting the drivetrain from? if u have a rally car u just cant be cutting parts from here and there u need to follow strict guidelines
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    They're specifically ordered for racing.
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    yea but the wrc wrx and lancer evos beat the shit out of this car
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    The Civic has more balls than this.
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    Which one?? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
    I have heard rumours of a AWD 2L 4Cyl Turbo production Focus making upwards of 200kW on the drawing boards. Dunno how well it would sell though, it would cost a fortune, and knowing FORD they would screw it up somehow.
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    The Type-R has more balls than the Focus in its class - SVT.

    That does not make me a dumbass.

    And the Focus you speak of is a concept car, and the forum is 2 above this one. (forum for the fr2000), they're attempting to compete with Subaru and Mitsubishi.

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