Stop saying the Veyron has 1001hp!

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  1. I noticed in the Veyron vs MacF1 thread, that everybody compares the Veyron considering it has a thousand horsepower, ITS NOT TRUE! The Veyron has a thousand horsepower TO THE WHEELS!!! The actual engine output is of around 1300 horsepower.

    So if you compare the Veyron to the F1, and say that the Veyron has 1001 horsepower, you might as well say that the F1 has 480 horsepower, because guess what? It's true, that's about how much horsepower to the wheels the F1 has.

    Face it, the Veyron really has twice the power that any other car ever had, besides the Koenigsegg CCR, and it aint too far from it either.
  2. 480 haha

    where did you get this figure from?
  3. Note that the S7 TT with 6 less psi makes an equal amount of power to the wheels at 70 degrees fahrenheit.
  4. it even has 3000 bhp but 2/3 get lost by heat and friction
  5. After reading this thread, I posted 1001 in the mcf1 vs veyron thread.
  6. its got 3000bhp
  7. Simple caculations.

    So yeah I got that out of my ass.
  8. The more realistic figure is 1030-1050hp.

    As I've mentioned before, minimum 1001ps/987hp at the engine under strict VW controlled conditions. All Veyrons have made at 1030-1050hp.

    Read the reviews (link in my signature). The hp output is quoted by Dr. Bscher.
  9. It gets 1001 horsepower to the wheels, every article I read says so, and so did Jeremy Clarkson, I refuse to believe that the transmission they put in the Veyron is so good that it loses only 50 horsepower out of over a thousand.
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    My friend, read all the articles here.

    The transmission will probably lose 20-25% of the output, just a wild guess by me.
  11. It does not have 1001hp at the wheels, it just does not.
  12. Yes it does.
  13. the veyron has 987 hp on the wheels.
  14. Even if that was true, a 20-25% loss would mean somewhere between 1150-1250 horsepower engine.
  15. Find me a review that says that, all the ones I have read have never mentioned it being measured at the wheels. If it was measured at the wheels it would be mentioned all over these reviews.
  16. No, the evo article says nothing about being measured at the wheels. The transmission is not 99.5% effecient.
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    SAE Net Horsepower
    In 1972, American manufacturers phased in SAE net horsepower. This is the standard on which current American ratings are based. This rating is measured at the flywheel, on an engine dyno, but the engine is tested with all accessories installed, including a full exhaust system, all pumps, the alternator, the starter, and emissions controls. Both SAE net and SAE gross horsepower test procedures are documented in Society of Automotive Engineers standard J1349. Because SAE net is so common, this is the standard we will use to compare all others.

    Hope this clears this question<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
    Veyron = 987hp SAE. SAE = measured at the flywheel on an engine dyno.
    Thanks<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  18. You n00bs; it actually has 8900 bhp. 3000 is lost to the Passat headlights, 900 to maintaining passion, 2000 to the Sik DOOF in the back, and ~2000 to heat and friction. Seriously, read a book.
  19. Jeremy Clarkson isn't a god or something like it, it's just a English bloke that's lucky to drive all the supercars in the world
  20. I believe that if the Veyron has 1300 hp, they would let everyone knows, for marketing purposes.
  21. LOL

    So much ignorance in this thread... The Veyron has 1001hp in the same way the Mclaren has 627hp. It's amazing there are some people who believe in marketing rubbish like "it has 1300hp, but only 1001hp at the wheels". Well, guess what, every car engine in the world produces more power than that fed to the wheels, but only the hp at the wheels counts!
  22. you're a huge idiot

    it's not even 1001hp, it's 1001PS = 987hp

    and the recently announced Veyron GT has 1232hp
  23. The engine has got 1001 PS not 1300, just check their webpage
  24. Clarkson said it had 1001 horsepower to the wheels, I believed him, so whatever.
  25. This just in: STFU

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