Stop talkin V8, the V6 is just fine.

Discussion in '1997 Dodge Copperhead' started by Analogic, Dec 2, 2002.

  1. I am an American car fan, but I'm sick of this (got to be a V8!) shit. Whatever man. I want America to be able to prove they don't need a V8 to beat the competition. The 4's are Japans advantage, the 8's are American advantage, the 6 is the point where competition is harder to judge!

    I would like this car to be compared to a 350Zed
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    What the hell are you on about?

    An engine configuration is an engine configuration, it depends on the packaging requirements of the car you know.

    Smallest production V8 is a suziki 1.5 litre...

    4 cylinder engines were REAL big back at the begining of the century, like 6 litres!
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    It seems that everyones canadian here... Me too.... ZED ZED ZED ZED ZED06, 350ZED, haha eh?
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    i agree, it doesn't matter that it's a V6. it's still a great car. the 350Z is probably a better car than this, though it does have the advantage being just released it can have better technology etc. wha tabuot a 300ZX they were produced in 1996, it even looks more the shape of this car
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    yes ok you are right. Geeze!! Stop being so literal you know what I mean. Heads here want a big block V8 in this car and I'm saying I don't think they need to do that, the V6 will be fine.
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    This engine was fine in 1997, and is even so still today. I agree that the number of cylinders is inconsequential as how the engine is teamed with the vehicle is what is more important: Does the engine compliment the car? This car screams capability, therefore I would love to see a higher performance output, whether it be from a 6 or 8 cylinder engine.
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    siepre me he preguntado eso, porke los gringos pretenden ponerle un v8 a todo auto, ke akaso no pueden hacer un 4 descente o sacarle todo el poder a un V6, y luego pretenden desacreditar los autos japoneses, han visto un civic crx del sol? es un v4 de 1995, 1557cc y 162HP o un Mitsubishi Eclipse otro v4 de 1800cc Turbo con 220HP, el día ke hagan eso, ese día podran llamar como quieran a los otros fabricantes...

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