stop using the word "literally" wrong

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Paul91785, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. i'm tired of it
    this guy just said ``i can't believe people passed on the investment opportunity i was offering them. i was going to literally hand them a gold mine.``
    no, you were actually going to figuratively/metaphorically hand them a gold mine, a hyperbole, which is in fact, LITERALLY the exact opposite of literally HANDING them a GOLD MINE
    #$%#ing morons
  2. literally the worst thread ...
  3. also pretty much nothing is inconceivable so can we stop it with that one too
  4. serious thread
  5. ``space age`` was the 60's. it doesnt mean your shit is high tech
    ``one of a kind`` doesnt mean ``bespoke``. it just means its one out of a collection
    ``i dont mind`` doesnt mean youre not bothered by something. it means that youre not giving it attention
  6. the only thing thats truly inconceivable is jeremy lins epic ascent in the NBA
    literally leaping the hurdles of asianness to become a top pro level athleat
  7. if youre talking about lin, then you can use inconceivable, if only because i will kill you in the face if you say linsanity.
  8. i meant linconceivable
  9. You're literally the first person to make this observation.
  10. i could care less
  11. ughhhhhhhh
  12. dont you like it when people say that or?
  13. I just noticed there's no foaming over nerdy xkcd comic followed by a page of spam
  14. I use one of a kind wrongly all of the time, im ashamed now
  15. I could also care less.

    Current care level: 2/15
  16. just another one of these things in the english language that has lost its meaning by people over using it and using it incorrectly
  17. oh look
    an american telling people how to use english correct
    go cry to your "mommy"!
  19. F40 Le Mans literally has an F40.
  20. Unfortunately, language is a cultural phenomenon and not a contrived set of rules. Any use which is effective is correct.
  21. ya go f urself
  22. um it sounds smart but breaks down pretty quick because of something called definitions

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