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  1. All manufacturers need to stop trying to come back with cars. BUT if chevy did, i think that they should come back with the 70 chevelle.

    oh yeah, and this car is ugly.
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    ouch i think some design team had a dose of stupid flakes when they made this concept it looks damn ugly and yeah i think gm should make a chevelle again just hopoe if they do beg prey and ask god they dont make it look like this p o s
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    Only problem with this design team, is that if you think that the Nomad Concept is ugly, what would they do with the Chevelle?
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    Ever see a Honda Pilot?

    Or a Civic? Or anything built by Honda, or Toyota?

    This would be an awesome vehicle if produced with a Corvette engine!

    Sign me up, I'd buy one!
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    I think this car is cool but they could make it better that would be cool to see a new chevelle.
  7. Seems Chevy can't make a good looking throw back car.

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