Straight from Hennessey himself...

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by 70CutlassSX, Nov 11, 2006.

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  2. What a freakin' sketchball.

    Didn't he sign up here for a post or two during a Hennessey bash thread a while ago?
  3. I am always keeping tabs on forums with false accusations like these. The #$%# do all you nut swingers know about how I run my business? You all need to shut your #$%#ing mouths keep shit like this to yourselves.
  4. Don't make me take your ass to court you big meany.

    On a sidenote, do you have any 'spare' Viper parts that would fit into my 96 Taurus GL?
  5. I didn't accuse anyone. That would constitue libel. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    You've managed to establish quite a reputation. Congratulations, hope that this business strategy works out for you in the future.
  6. Hey, I need a Viper V10 engine for a project, any customer car with one around? I'll pay cash.

  7. what a twat this guy is, he sounds like a ten year old
  8. Way to redeem yourself. I don't think this helps your reputation. LOL
  9. Hennessey is a shithead.
  10. Um i dont think its him
  11. haha probably more like looking for new places to hock merchandise...
  12. You sound like a #%$ from the indies. Give me a viper v10 and i'll pretend you don't suck.
  13. Hennessey is a douche bag.

    A large, bag of douche.
  14. Heffner FTW
  15. Tisk tisk. It has always seemed to me that those things did all happen in the past. If he's cleaned up his act he should really just admit to doing that stuff in the past, and say he's running his shit right now and call it good. Everybody screws up and does stupid shit (although the stuff he did was pretty bad) but no one is unredeemable. Unfortunately all he does is dig himself in deeper in every post of his I've ever seen online. He gets so childish about insulting people. So retarded.
  16. they created a site for one shitty car like that. twits
  17. John Hennessey obviously doesnt care too much about his business. I am most likely going to be sending links to this to a few of my friends I met when I was involved with Back in the day. I am sure a few of the people at R&T and C&D would love to print this or a story about this in their magazines. I would be willing to bet that Despain would love to hold a discussion about it too.
  18. what a loser
  19. C&D already had something about him being a crook but it was a few years ago. I'd love to see this on Wind Tunnel.
  20. Yeah, but knowing his reputation, you'd wind up with a worse car than you have now.
  21. This guy is doing everything to avoid answering a simple question

    "when did you stop beating your wife? when did you stop masturbating in the shower?

    some questions dont deserve answers. if you or anyone else does not want to do business with us then thats your choice."-John Hennessey
  22. Spend 15 minutes searching on ANY Mopar-related website, and there are just an infinite number of threads to see his brilliance. I'll get some more links up later this week.
  23. No one's doubting his ability, they're doubting his practices as a business enterprise.
  24. Please post more
  25. i'd be willing to bet at least 95% of these "hennessey" accounts on forums are not actually him.

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