Strand Craft 122 super yacht comes with supercar

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    We know what you're thinking. What business does a yacht – albeit one as ridiculously lustworthy as the Strand Craft 122 promises to be – have gracing the pages of Autoblog? Somewhat surprisingly, the answer is a garage. And also a supercar. That's right, this ultra-yacht design study comes with an integrated garage in the stern that houses an 880-horsepower V12-powered supercar.

    Despite the fact that the designer has shared next to nothing about the supposed supercar (other than the fact that it can theoretically travel at speeds of over 230 miles per hour), we're going to go ahead and start referring to it as the World's Coolest Tender. Feel free to check out the high-res rendering of the machine in our image gallery below.

    As far as the yacht goes, we guess that's pretty cool too... what with power coming from twin Rolls-Royce engines along with an optional booster engine sporting over 14,000(!) horsepower and a top speed of 55 knots. Not too shabby, eh? Price? Well, it's all theoretical at this point, but even so, we're guessing we could pool the AB staff's money together and still only come up with enough money for a quick tour of the harbor in one.
  2. Car doesn't look half bad actually... needs smaller headlights... the boat is cool... doubt it would ever actually become more than just a rendering....
  3. deffinitely inspired by the devon gtx. they probobly want back seats though.
  4. That looks amazing, too bad it will never be made.
  5. Is there a consistent standard for roll-on-roll-over ship quays, to ensure that Strand Craft 122 could tie up in each port and lower the ramp?
  6. probably not, but its not as if you cant lower the ramp onto a boat launch and drive it on shore, then go moor the boat somewhere
  7. that thing looks amazing, any idea when the price will be announced the price (including the car)?
  8. lol
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  10. Something about an offroad gallardo
  12. Very nice boat and car
  13. "More than you can afford Pal.... Ferrari"
  14. The boat looks nice, but pretty useless. I mean, you won't be able to walk to the bow to cast lines down or anything because of that slick-looking body and the fact that it has no walkabout or railing. And I'm pretty sure there's a reason no other boats have huge, pillarless windows towards the bow of the craft... And those huge windows in the cabin would be terrible because you can't open them and let the heat out.

    As a theoretical exercise it's really very pretty and everything, but in real life it just wouldn't hold water (pun intended).
  15. Back in Monaco, I saw one with the garage on the side, inside the "walls" (sp?) It had a small crane to get the car in and out. Kinda neat.
  16. yeah i saw one with an G wagen in its garages in front of its helicopter landing pad.
  17. this

    you'd put a 4WD in there, not a freaking supercar
  19. People actually get paid to come up with this shit?
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    Following the success of the Strand Craft 122, Gray Design has presented the SC166, complete with custom supercar tender, pop-up flybridge and hidden beach club on the fore deck.

    Powered by two MTU 20V4000 M93L 2×4300KW (2×5766hp) engines with a Vericor TF50 4177KW (5600hp) booster engine the SC166 is capable of cruising speeds of 30 knots with a top speed of 40 knots.

    Contributing to the sleek profile of the yacht is the retractable flybridge and radar mast that retreat into the skin of the yacht when not in use. Both can be deployed independently of each other and are available only when they are required. Twin concealed entrances are available within the yacht, hiding the stairway to the upper aft deck as well as providing access to the garage, bar and lounge areas.

    Concealed beneath the carbon fiber inlaid fore deck is a sun deck equipped with a large jacuzzi and a built-in bar. Access is through a vertically sliding glass door in the windscreen of the pilot house where there is ample seating for eight guests. The pilot house itself opens up to the lounge to provide a smooth transition and connection between the driver and the main guest area and at the same time letting in light from the main windscreen to the spaces below.

    The Swedish designer states that:

    The Strand Craft 166 is an uncompromising superyacht that is as outrageous as it is daring. Designed entirely around an automotive theme, this yacht is ideal for owners who are addicted to that new leather smell. Her low stance, enormous length and curled haunches give this vessel a dynamic aesthetic that is guaranteed to turn heads in the most well appointed marinas.

    The SC166 comes equipped with its own custom supercar tender. Created in the same design language as its carrier, the accessory has a 4.3 liter V8 engine producing 620 horsepower and can reach a top speed of 305km/h. Alternatively, you can order your own choice of conveyance to accessorize the superyacht.
  21. Yacht is cool, but car isn't
  22. The car looks like some generic supercar created for a video game.
  23. Do they actually build stuff or just create ridiculous renders?
  24. The new supercar looks like it has a Mercedes face.
  25. I'm actually seeing an Opel/Mazda design.

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