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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Maroon Beret, Sep 19, 2004.

  1. my buddy was at the strip club the other nite... and he was going to get a lap dance... he kinda started chatting up with the stripper... you know, the usual....

    she's a student... yada yada yada.... oh, at SFU? oh.. wut do you take.... english, oh.... which courses...?

    turns out she's in one of his classes... hahahaha..


    and then she was like... ummm.... i kinda don't want to take off my panties now... it'd be kinda awkward...
  2. I would'a been all like "it aint awkward for me. Panties off peeler!" and then stuffed a 20 down there for good measure.
  3. imagine if you're stuck working on a group project with her...
  4. I'd be all like in the middle of the groop project at her place, and then I'd slip a 20 down her panties and say loose the gitch, hoe.
  5. that's awesome
  6. He was asking the chick giving him a lap dance what classes she takes?
  7. That's pretty hot. If he didn't convince her to become his new personal, portable and on-call stripper, he's not a man.
  8. Whoa SFU, i wanna transfer there now
  9. what does sfu stand for?
  10. Simon Fraser University in Vancouver

    Awesome story
  11. Amateur....

    He should have taken the lap dance....then said "hi" to her in class on Monday. That would have been the sh1t.
  12. ^^^^^Truth was written here^^^^
  13. Some strippers came and stayed at my house last year. One of them wanted my brother, but he was/is taken. I didn't do shit, I am a pussy.
  14. This thread needs more pictures.
  15. I thouroughly agree. I am all about the peelers.

    It would have been better if this happened at a "massage parlour"...(read rub and a tug joint)
  16. Acutally that's Simon Fraser University in Vancouver.
  17. simon fraser it is!

    it was at Brandy's btw.... haha... for those who didn't know... it was actually the strip club that Ben Affleck was at, when he went home with one of the peelers... bloody expensive place... but definately the hottest girls...

    no pics.... haha... i'll get my buddy to send candid pictures of the girl from his class... you guys can use your own imagination/photoshop...
  18. Brandy's has the hottest f*cking strippers i've ever seen in my life.
  19. they do... but you pay dearly for it... bloody beers are like 10 bucks a pop there...
  20. Yea and VIP tables are 100 bucks. ripoff
  21. Why are strippers staying at your house?
  22. My brother met one of the chicks when he went up for Indy last year, and she wanted to come visit.
  23. You really are/were a pussy.

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