Student at my school committed suicide...

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by thedark1unknown, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. Real & Gay.
  2. no loss to society really
  3. thats unfortunate.
  4. LOL
  5. roflmao,

    people at work looking weird at me <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  7. While part of me thinks that jumping off the GW bridge is probably a bit of an overreaction to appearing in an internet sex tape, outing somebody in that fashion is an absolutely grade-A dick move.
  8. considering it's obviously completely illegal not only to surreptitiously tape someone, but also transmit it to others? ya, thanks for that insight.
  9. that even made the news here
  10. Surreptitiously taping somebody #$%#ing his girlfriend and distributing it isn't nearly as much of a dick move as this, though. If this guy was closeted, its a pretty ridiculous way to be outed. And given the posts and all, I think that was the only reason it happened. Not sure I'd go as far as to call it a hate crime, but I can see why it could be called it that.
  11. lol
  12. he actually jumped off a bridge
  13. id respect no act of forcibly outing anyone, least of all this. that being said, beyond prosecuting these two for the obvious crimes they committed in taping/transmitting this kid's act, i think pursuing any hate crime or murder-related conviction is plain horseshit. (and im not even getting into my fundamental disagreement with the entire concept of a 'hate crime' vs any other type)

    i think it sets a dangerous precedent to presume we can so easily place the blame for an individual's suicide squarely and justly at the feet of specific individual(s). if that Prince fiasco in MA is any example, such efforts will probably fail appropriately.
  14. take the really out of that statement and I agree entirely.
  15. take entirely out of that statement and I agree fully.
  16. jah
  17. What makes a person think its a #$%#ing good idea to have sex with a person with the same gender
  18. they didn't find a body, strange..
  19. What makes a person think its a #$%#ing good idea to have sex with a person with the other gender
  20. lmao plug and socket vs plug and plug...plug and socket just works...did that even make sense? lol
  21. The point was it's not your choice who you find attractive or not.
  22. Do you find men attractive?
  23. Not last I checked.
  24. lol...nah I get your point but idk it's just how things work in nature I guess...usually opposites attract so by asking why have sex with a different gender, it's just how things are suppose to be no? I dunno...Unfortunate what happened to the kid but I think he may have slightly overreacted a bit no? He had no rainbow pride.
  25. Zif you wouldn't murder the dick who taped you, I mean, if you're going to commit suicide anyway.

    Suicide is f*cked.
    Once someone makes that decision, they get like 1 maybe 2 perfect days to do whatever the hell they want, and damn the consequences coz they're going to top themselves anyway.

    More people need to watch Falling Down, srsly.

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