Student at my school committed suicide...

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  1. A recent study found that having gay members in it increased the firtility rate in the other memebers, even beyond the mean, so peopel actually overcompensated for the lack of a reproducing individual. Considering you're 500% more likely to be homosexual if there is another homosexual member in your family it stands to reason it's most likely genetic and is a overall positive trait for the gene/family/species.

    When you think (important part is think) all your friends and family will disown you if you come out, and it's forced upon you, how would you feel?
  2. What makes a person think its a #$%#ing good idea to have sex with a person with the same gember
  3. Women. Women do.
  4. There are cases of different sexuality among identical twins. I don't think you can put it entirely down to either nature or nurture, although there may be a disposition. To be honest, if there is a root cause, sexuality in general is not something we understand well enough to point in any one direction. I'm not sure social arguments are the greatest when non-social species exhibit the same behavior.
  5. I did say most likely. I am not saying nurture has nothing to do with it, it just seems like the least important factor.
    One of the reasons is that there is no statistical evidence for the "dissapointed dad" which is most often used.

    Peopel can change their sexuality during their life time, and often people are to some degree bi-sexual.

    I am in no way painting this black and white.
  6. I know right. It's adam and eve not adam and steve. C'mon people.
  7. I wasn't commenting on the legality - I was commenting on the morality of it - which is completely separate from the law. So, dig the sand out of your vagina.
  8. The bible.

  9. He said think. Women don't think.
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