'Stupid' Hamilton Handed Grid Penalty

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    Lewis Hamilton has been given a 10-place grid penalty for the French GP after failing to pay attention to a red light in the pit lane in Sunday's Canadian race.

    The punishment was handed out by FIA race stewards after they reviewed the incident in which Hamilton ran into the back of Raikkonen as the Ferrari driver was observing a red light in the pit lane on lap 18 of the race, which was eventually won by Robert Kubica.

    Nico Rosberg of Williams was given the same 10-place drop on the grid after he ran into the back of Hamilton's McLaren Mercedes in the same incident.

    Hamilton trails BMW's Kubica by four points in the Drivers' standings and will now face an even stiffer battle for points at Magny-Cours in two weeks' time.

    Speaking about the accident Hamilton said: "Before my pit stop, everything looked on course for the perfect result: we were so quick, we were breezing it in fact. But it wasn't a great pit stop - and, as I exited the box, I saw two cars jostling for position ahead of me in the pit lane.

    "Obviously, I didn't want to get involved in their tussle, and was trying not to do so, and then all of a sudden they stopped. And by the time they'd come to a halt, it was too late for me to avoid them.

    "We'd looked so strong for the whole weekend though, so at least we can leave Montreal confident that we have a package that will enable us to fight for the World Championship from here on in."

    The 23-year-old also graciously accepted the stewards punishment for the accident. "It's just unfortunate when stuff like this happens, but I have no argument with the stewards," he said.

  2. We don't need another thread about this, this news has already been posted!

  3. Au contraire, I think that we do need a separate thread for this.

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  6. If it's to laugh at Hamilton, the more threads the merrier.
  7. Is Rosberg also getting a 10 place penalty?
    He drove in the back of LH right after LH rear ended KR, with the lights still on red.
  8. yup
  9. A *TEN* place penalty is ridiculous. Hamilton's crash resulted in HIM not getting any points for the race as well as Raikonnen.

    Also, given that Hamilton wasn't the only person that failed to spot the lights (Rosberg), it can't have been all that stupid a mistake.
  10. Why does the FIA always punish drivers or simple mistakes?
  11. simple..cause it happened to a ferrari driver.

    kimi messes up on braking and hits sutil..no penalty
    hamilton messes up on braking hits kimi..penalty
  12. You honestly believe losing the rear end at 300km/h in the heat of the race can be compared to not noticing to standing cars and a red light at 80km/h?
  13. Pit lane incidents and infringements have always been ruled upon much more strictly than on-track incidents.
  14. It's also presumerably because Hamilton is a pompous twat as well.
  16. What he said, its not about ferrari it could have been kubica just as well if he was on the outside like kimi was. It was a rudimentary procedure that was breached, because even if kimi was not there hamilton would have still went through on the red light and gotten the penalty or worse a DQ.

    Stupid mistake that should not have happened given the tiers that drivers are given to avoid such a thing ( ex. FLASHING RED LIGHTS and team radio).
  17. haha yall are lame..i got just the responses i expected
  18. Lewis better be happy as hell that he hit Kimi. Otherwise he would have rolled right through the red light and been black flagged with Kimi finishing the race with points.
  19. It's the difference between what is considered an avoidable accident, and one which is not. Also yes, there is a difference between 300km/h in semi-wet conditions at Monaco and 30km/h going down the pitlane with plenty of time to spare.

    It is not strictly against the rules to lose your car when you brake on wet patch, no matter what the outcome. It is strictly against the rules to ignore a red light.

    edit: I do think the penalty may have been a little harsh, 5 places might have been enough, but he probably got 5 more after the track director and stewards heard his interview.
  20. An apples and oranges comparison here, but maybe some karma at work anyways...
  21. Kimi Raikkonen believes Canadian Grand Prix stewards were right to hand title rival Lewis Hamilton a 10-place grid penalty for the next race in France after the Briton crashed into him in Montreal.

    The Finn felt he was denied the chance to challenge for victory in last Sunday�s race after the McLaren driver failed to stop in time for the red light at the end of the pit lane, smashing into the back of his stationary Ferrari to put both cars into retirement.

    Stewards handed Hamilton, along with Williams�s Nico Rosberg who hit the rear of him in turn, a 10-place grid penalty for the Magny-Cours race, meaning he will start no higher than 11th.

    Three days on from the clash, Raikkonen says he is still at a loss to explain how the Briton didn't stop in time and says the decision to impose the penalty was correct.

    �It was a bitter disappointment and surprise we had in Canada,� Raikkonen said on his official website.

    �I can�t believe that somebody can hit you when you stand still at the red light, side by side with another car. I can�t believe that he did not see the red light and, more than that, the two stationary cars.

    �For my part, I think Hamilton deserved his penalty.

    �He will loose 10 places for the next race in France and, at least, that�s not going to make things any easier for him.�

    The collision allowed BMW�s Robert Kubica the chance to score his maiden Formula 1 win and assume the lead of the drivers� standings for the first time

    Raikkonen admits it was better for his championship challenge that the Pole, who started the weekend three points behind him in the standings, ended up winning rather than Hamilton or team-mate Felipe Massa.

    �We are fourth in the championship," he said.

    �It was the same position last year and like then, it�s still a long season ahead of us.

    �It was good for us that Kubica won in Canada.

    �For our side it was better he got the 10 points and not my main rivals, who are now just three points ahead of me.�

    And although he concedes continued consistency from BMW will make his title defence harder, is still confident Ferrari has the car to return to winning ways on F1�s return to Europe.

    �The BMW has all the time been there and scored points every time when something has gone wrong for us,� he said.

    "They now have a nice lead. I�m not too worried about that, but, obviously, if they keep scoring every time it�s not that easy to catch them in the championship.

    �But we have a very good feeling with our car. We will win again soon.

    �Now we go to the circuits where we should be very strong from the beginning of the weekend.� (ITV)

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