Stupid ricers

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by love of cars, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. So I am driving the RX going to get gas. I grab some gas and fill the tank and head home, taking the long way. Boy am I glad I did. At WOT you can hear the RX from a while away, and apparently these 2 jokers in a 96ish accord with a fart pipe come wizzing on my tail. They get close enough to make me uncomfortable so I downshift to fourth @80mph (this is a 65mph zone). I am pushing about 55oorpm, and I KNOW they can smell my exhaust. The car burns oil and gas, with only a header and 2 flow-through mufflers, so needless to say they were pretty much getting high on the fumes.

    Now picture this, I am in the left lane and they are behind me. Person B in a saturn is in the right lane, and I am slowly passing them. I know that the honduh boys are going to fly by me when the lane opens up, so it doesnt bother me. Now with enough room for them to cut off the saturn person and go by me, they get about a car and a half behind me and nail it. I let off the gas and they barely have enough room to get past my bumper... but not enough to pass the saturn. I would say that their rear bumper caught the front fender of the saturn. Perfect PIT maneuver preformed and I drove off like hella.

    I have the RX in the garage, and it won't be coming out for about a week. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

  2. you should have said hai to viscou
  3. wow your an asshole. even though the honda driver was being slightly wreckless you did not help the situation. just get the #$%# outta the way if people want to ride your ass dont add to an already dangerous situation
  4. i would have sprayed them with carbon and gas in my rx...turned their windshield black. anyways, if i saw you in person, i would shake your hand.
  5. i dont really understand why you are congratulating this kid for causing an accident, no matter how much of douchebags the ricers were
  6. he accomplished something he felt necessary to do. it's what he felt was right. I, for one, hate assholes that do that shit, im glad they learned a lesson.
  7. i do, however, feel bad for whoever was driving the saturn
  8. He didn't cause an accident.
  9. hope they didnt catch your plate
  10. Exactly. He made an innocent bystander a victim. Thus, he's a tool.
  11. hahah hope the honda drivers died in a firey blaze!!

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