Stupid Stupid STupid!!

Discussion in '1999 Chevrolet Nomad Concept' started by Analogic, Dec 2, 2002.

  1. Anyone who thinks ths wagon sux is stupid. I'm sorry but this is the nicest looking wagon PERIOD!

    Ive never seen a nicer looking stock wagon ever!
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    Stupid Stupid STupid!!

    Same here.
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    1) Honda Accord
    2) Nissan Stagea
    3) Toyota Matrix (if that's a wagon, that is)

    Hell, even Focus Wagons look better than this.
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    one of the ugliest shits since ford pento, wagons are a thing of the past, #$%# these ugly, slow, poor handling, granny cars
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    *ahem* Poor handling? The Nissan Stagea and the WRX Sport Wagon do NOT have poor handling.
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    He's not talkin to you, hes talkin to me.

    He has no clue what its power out put is or its handling characteristics. Plus who cares anyways? It's a #$%#in wagon. For a person lookin for a wagon, top speed handling and all that shit is important, but not that big of a deal. Anyways I think he just has a prob with my posts

    DRONE... Go collect some honey
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    this is a nice wagon yes but the nicest
    wagon i have ever seen was i portugal last
    they must be all over europe but the one i saw was
    portugal. It was an alfa romeo wagon i saw it go
    by and i was totally amazed. anyone know about a new
    model alfa romeo sport wagon?

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    wagons are meant for grocery gettin n not racin...i hate chevy more everytime they come out w/a new model
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    this brings shame to the name NOMAD!!!!! this is the crappiest wagon i have ever seen. dont get me wrong, i think that chevy is the best, but not this car. this is sooo crap.

    no offence to the people that like this wagon.

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