stupid superchargers

Discussion in '1993 Ford Mustang Mach III Concept' started by killer69, Aug 17, 2002.

  1. Without superchargers Ford wouldn't be able to keep up with everyone else.
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    sure it could superchargers are just alot cheaper then building the engine to the same level so which do you thinkg its easier to sell? a supercharged $40000 car or a NA $80000 car?
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    They could easily keep up with everyone else but why not use them if you have them and know how to use them?
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    they're both right
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    Superchargers are a good idea i think. they use basically the same concept as RAM AIR: forcing more air into the engine, and with the super charger you can do it better than with a ram air. this is because with a ram air you have to be going more than 40 miles an hour for it to make any difference, and that will affect 0-60 and quartermile times. with a supercharger it will start forcing air into the engine as soon as you push the gas. and as for the cars with no ram air or turbo charger the intake or carburator is just sucking in hot air which isnt as good as high pressure cold air.
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    ford couldnt keep up with the compition without superchargers with the size engines they have.They could get more na power with more displacement

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