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  2. it competes with a 5 cylinder?
  3. hahahahahahaha
  4. hahahahaha!!
  5. ROFLMAO!!!!!
  6. I so want a BMW M.
  7. Stick on blue rims on a Volvo and it can beat a Viper easily.
  8. Hahahahaha!! At least they got the pics right.
  9. & don't forget those stickers that add 100HP :p
  10. I am pretty sure the last two gears are overdrive gears.
  11. Maybe they figure 5-cylinder + turbo = 10 cylinder?
  12. it does have a six speed manual with overdrive. 5th and 6th gears are both overdrives. 5th is 0.74:1 and 6th is 0.50:1. of course, you wouldn't actually know that those gears are overdrives, because your technical knowlage is ZERO.
  13. The 2003 Viper is a 2-door, 2-passenger convertible sports car, available in one trim only, the SRT-10. The 2003 Viper's closest competitors include the BMW M, the Mercedes-Benz SL-Class, and the Volvo C70. Upon introduction, the Viper is equipped with a standard 8.3-liter, V10, 500-horsepower engine. A 6-speed manual transmission with overdrive is standard. The 2003 Viper is redesigned for 2003.
  14. the 2003 Viper is redesigned for 2003. Thank you Captain Redundant Redundant. :p
  15. I havent looked at any of the other cars on that site, but I imagine similar idiocy. And 996Turbo or whatever the hell your name is, serisoudly pull your head out of your ass!
  16. That site must be done by stupid teens.

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