stupider muslecar than before

Discussion in '2008 Dodge Viper SRT-10' started by kajiba san, May 12, 2007.

  1. the viper is ugly as before i see, shouldn't be able to take a high speed corner i guess. at japan this car would just be another garbage in a drain. is it still using a push rod from a truck engines???
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  3. you are entitled to your own opinion, even if its wrong. yes the viper still uses a pushrod engine, although its no longer remotely close to a truck engine anymore. and how does a pushrod engine make more power than your precious ricers? its embarrassing when your lug nuts have more torque than your engine. and a viper will walk all over your japanese cars. the viper pulls 1.05 g's on the skidpad; way more than any ricer does. and the viper does it without traction or stability control.
  4. kajini san, you're only mad because you know the Viper pwns all the japan cars out there. and as far as it being ugly, you are entitled to your own stupid and wrong opinion.
  5. amen to that mr. insane!
  6. just cause NOTHING in japan can match the viper you no right to say it's junk
  7. Besides, what does a guy who loves boxes with wheels know about style?
  8. kajiba san please don't knock a car until you've driven it, i can't even count how many civics with twin turbos and nos i have beaten in my 96' gts even a couple of supras that supposedly hit 10's in the quater have lost to me. because my basically stock viper dynoed at 463.2 bhp and 451 lb. torque and hits 12.7 average in the quater and top out at almost 190 and i bought it used for 39k with 21,000 miles. tell me what jap car for 39k can match those numbers, and if my car is that fast i don't even want to go up against a new one with 600bhp!!!
  9. kajiba san, don't talk about things you can't understand you ass#$%#ed bastard. The chinese and japanese cars have no power, even with a turbo. Do you realy think, a supra can beat a viper? or maybe a Mitsubishi Evo? All Toys. The fastest car in the world is a viper with 2000 hp. Hennesseys Viper Venom 1000 Coupe with 1100 hp has beaten the Veyron. 4 seconds faster than this italian "supercar". hahahaha, veyron, what the hell is a veyron??? a car?? don't be silly. the GTS-R wins LeMans, also Daytona and others. Toyota? Mitsubishi? Suzuki? Nothing. They even loose in the Cup-Series.
    The Hennessey Viper is the fastest, legal car on the streets in the world.!! The Viper has the biggest engine there's no other car with a 8.4 engine.

    So shut up and go home to your mam.

  10. Pushrod engines are technically inferior to overhead cam engines for many reasons, but pushrod engines have one major advantage: they are more compact. If Chrysler wanted to build an overhead cam engine this large, it would add a significant amount of weight to the car.
  11. This has got to be the stupidest thing I've ever seen on this sight....

    Jap crap bashing an American supercar????

    you're kidding, right?
  12. Better than the "GTR" which is a $75,000, Twin-Turbo, All-wheel drive 370Z with a body kit and a GTR Emblem

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