Styling of Mazda Furai: your opinion

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by F50Fanatic, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. It looks very exotic, but apparently not everyone love its looks. I think it is the best looking high performance prototype in recent years. What do you guys think of the way it looks?

    EDIT: I think the Enzo would look a lot better if it resembles the Furai.
  2. Looking at it makes my swingin' meat harden.
  3. Who doesn't like it's looks?
  4. its stunning. how can you not like it?
  5. yeah it looks alright get your dicks outta ur butts already
  6. honestly, it was the most stunning car ive seen in years. I thought it was absolutely perfect.
  7. its really awesome.
  8. In all honesty it's more exotic and stunning than anything to come from Ferrari in recent years. I absolutely love the car.
  9. Meh. To mutch manga monster.
  10. i love it. Mazda is the only japanese carmaker that consistently pushes the design envelope.
  12. i like it
  13. It's freakin awesome. One of the few genuinely good looking, original designs in recent years.
  14. It looks trully wonderful, and definitely Japanese.

    I love Mazda's current designs.
  15. Its ridiculously hot.
  16. love it the reason it's my avatar
  18. refreshing
  19. I #$%#ing love it. Just needs a paintjob better than the one I photoshopped:
  20. It's perfectly amazingly styled. It's supposed to envoke a vision of what wind would look like, and I think it does so perfectly!
  21. Good word to describe how I feel about it.

    It blew a breath of life in the world of current supercars & concepts as of late.

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