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  1. good performance, but I'm not a fan of the front grille.
  2. Re: Styling

    looks like it just been in a head on collision with a truck to me
  3. Re: Styling

    front end looks similar to the Citroen 2.0 coupe...not a bad car though.
  4. Re: Styling

    i dislike the front styling but the rear i like. Maybe someday will have some more pics of this car. I have seen a couple of these on the streets and they look very nice except from the front
  5. Re: Styling

    this car reminds of maserati
  6. Re: Styling

    Styling looks Ok I guess. If U look at DuPont Registry magazine and find a piicture of this car looking at its side, I think its not long enough for its height (kinda short and stubby)
  7. Marcello Gandini is one of the greatest car designers of all time, however I wouldn't call this his finest work.

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