Discussion in '2005 Steeda Mustang Street Concept Q' started by Falcon1, Nov 5, 2004.

  1. Is it me or the rims and color not befitting of this car?
  2. Rims don't fit with the retro style, but I don't mind the color scheme so much. Then again, I've always liked yellow cars (has to be the right shade, though, like a Ferrari 360 spyder or the S2000 yellows)
  3. this car needs 19inch hub cab rims
  4. Daddy likes
  5. black multi-spokes would be sweet
  6. chrome = big no no
  7. ya that would look hott
  8. Fo sho.
  9. (sarcasm)^
  10. lol =p im not joking though, i mean it big 19 inch hub cab rims that cover the whole thing no spokes on the hub cab either painted all black or all white.. it'll look great.
  11. i think it would look good with pearl black rims but not 19 inch im thunking like 18
  12. It needs more engine modifications to justify it's daring aesthetics.
  13. Front skirt does not line up with the side skirts. Sticking trash and glitter on a clean car while not upgrading the performance doesn't get my thumbs up.
  14. nice...for a Mustang.

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