Subaru Impreza concept unveiled at LA auto show

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    Subaru Impreza sedan concept unveiled at Los Angeles auto show

    The hatchback came first, and now there’s a new-generation Subaru Impreza Concept sedan foll0wing the show car’s unveiling at the 2015 Los Angeles auto show.

    Following on from the unveiling of the stylish Subaru Impreza hatch concept car at the 2015 Tokyo motor show in October, the sedan model has been shown in the US as that’s the more popular bodystyle in the North American market.

    According to the company, the concept model “previews themes for the next-generation Impreza”. Further, the car isn’t only a gauge as to what to expect of the next Impreza – which could go on sale in 2016 – but according to Subaru “it hints at the design direction not only of next Impreza, but of Subaru‘s future models generally”.

    As expected, the changes to the front end of the concept model are minimal, with the sharp-line headlights remaining, while a smoked chrome finish on the grille surround is the biggest differentiator. The bold bumper design remains, while a set of colour-tipped 19-inch alloy wheels fill the pumped guards of the sedan.

    At the rear of the car there’s a very Lexus-like set of tail-lights – at a glance, it’s reminiscent of the RC coupe – while a high duck-tailed boot lid gives the sedan a sharp looking silhouette. The lower bumper isn’t fussy, complemented by a single tailpipe outlet.

    The overall design looks a tad more stylised than the prototype Subaru Impreza sedan our spies snapped recently.

    The colour of the car is a new one to Subaru, known as Ruby Red Metallic, and the company claims that gives the car a “sporty and energetic character”.

    It may look substantial in size, but the Impreza sedan concept measures 4555 millimetres long, 1880mm wide and 1453mm in height – or 30mm shorter, 140mm wider and 8mm lower than the production sedan on sale today. It rides on a 2670mm wheelbase, which is 25mm longer than the current space between the front and rear wheels, and indicates that better interior space and a more planted drive experience has been a priority for the next-generation model.

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  2. the back looks like a Volvo S60

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  3. we all like it
    we all know it won't make it out like this


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