Suggest me some good lights

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  1. For the protege.

    Stock lights are OK, but woefully inadequate for this major deer population.

    Looking for 2 round lights, more than 55w, mount on my bumper.

    Also looking for 2 rectangular lights for my lower grill, can't be any taller than 3.5" so I won't have to completely destroy the grill. Would like to keep it in one piece. These lights are not a priority as the rounds would be.

  2. elinchrom
  3. PIAA kersten
  4. protege's headlights kinda sucked. but then again, one of mine was pointed at the ground about 5 feet in front of the car and i had to pop the hood and wiggle the wire every time i turned them on to make it work.
  5. You might wanna scrap the protege and buy a truck incase gou hit those deers

    Innit amg?
  7. i don't want amg to go in
  8. If you use your high beams a good bit, I would switch out those 9005 bulbs for 9011 HIR bulbs. Direct plug-in, may have to trim one of the locking tabs to match the 9005 bulb. The 9011 HIR bulb is 65W with a lumen output close to HID thanks to the highly reflective, and expensive, rare material coating on the quartz glass of the bulb.
  9. Lol yeah mine were cross eyed and would burn every 6 months. They came with some #$%#ing metal clip that would align the bulbs but they were impossible to put them back again so that clip was in the garbage can (rubbish bin) after five minutes
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    i wouldnt bother with a LED light bar. they light up the foreground, but thats it. they'll make where your headlights are brighter but wont project much further. i call BS on their LUX sheet.
    and for the rounds, depends on how big u want to go. Narva are good in my experience, but dont know if u get them outside australia.

    square lights are generally useless as driving lights, better as fog lights
  12. Can you recommend me your top of the line Tweety bird or Tasmanian Devil steering wheel cover ?
  13. Ha
  14. I really want a pair of rally lights for the front of my car.

    Volvo actually sold the entire kit for 850s/S70s but it has a spec sheet that would cause Raging Balls to have a stroke (RARE, EXPENSIVE, SWEDISH DOMESTIC MARKET)

    I think it's something close to $400 for the kit, which is crazy for something silly like rally lights.
  15. RB would probably poop his pants at this factory option too.
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  17. Why would you need more?
    Just put higher wattage bulbs in.
    They'll just glow hotter, and not make it any brighter.
  18. What you need to do is see Gerry and Colin. They hooked me up with a 55w HID kit.
  19. Miller lite
  20. those lights look EXACTLY like the narva 175 ultima i have. can get them for like 150 bucks on ebay. excelent lights for what you pay. throw light fairly far considering they are a spread beam.
    ive got 2 spread beams and upgraded them to 130w globes, and havent had any problems with the extra power. could go one step further and throw some 75/100w HID's in there, but to get them to actually go any further your gonna need a bigger reflector anyways.

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