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  1. This is just a guess but. A good way to make more money for himself would be to buy all these cars using all of his money, then because there so rare, in 20 years there value will have doubled, then he could sell them and double his money, its kind of like an interest fund.
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    I don't think the Sultan of Brunei needs to worry about making money.
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    i dont know if these will be worth much since they are custom made and..who wants them?
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    I do!!! If only I had the money.
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    if i had that kind of money i would buy the f50, save money and have a much nicer car at the end of it.
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    ammmmm i'm pretty new in this but......who the hell is the Sultan of Brunei???
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    I hate that sultan prick!!! Who the hell buys that many f**king fine cars and then locks em away!? That's disgusting!! Look at his McLarens!! There are only 5 LMs, and he's got 2 of them locked away from the world!! If I ever met that prick I would kick his ass so hard his nose would bleed!!! No offense to the people of Brunei, but you're leader's an ass!!

    Oh and uh, he also had pinninfarina team up with ferrari to build him a custom made car called the FX. It's got the Flat 12 from the testarossa and a BMW/Williams F1 transmission. The gearbox alone is worth a million bucks!! The whole car is worth 2 mil. There's somewhere between 2 and 8 of them out there.

    Damn you Mr. Sultan man!!! Damn you straight to hell!!!!

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