Super Bowl XLIII discussion

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  1. It was a great Super Bowl.
  3. YES
  4. also lol at this jack black movie
  5. The commercial I liked: Mrs. and Mr. Potato head driving in a roadster.
  7. I liked the Miller Clydesdales, not the shitty one with the dancing horse, but the one with the "my grandfather came from Scotland in 1933, blah blah"
  8. Seriously? That shit was awful.
  9. it was better than that retarded show horse crap.

    actually, i want that toyota venza or whatever, never heard of it.

    EDIT: I missed the pepsi ad, but I heard Hewy Lewis and the News: Hip to be Sqaure, so it must have been good.
  10. AZ cards needs to manage the clock better too.
  11. I was disappointed in the first half, but then the second was brilliant.
  13. The Superbowl party I went to didn't get Animal Planet so we couldn't watch any Puppy Bowl and I was #$%#ing pissed.
  14. there was one at the monterey historics.
  15. Puppy Bowl is #$%#ing awesome.
  16. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A> ;_;
  17. Awesome game, but wish AZ won...
  18. My favorite ad was the Cash4Gold one with MCHammer.
  19. YES
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  21. who cares about football? The new Transformers trailer is what is important.
  22. I kinda like how, despite that it's a sporting event, people seem to be particularly fond of the television commercials inbetween. I mean. There is a cultural difference here, haha.
  23. how come when that bro made a touch down or whatever with but a few second left, none of the 3 guys around him stopped him? can they tackle him or knock his arms before he catches the ball? it was a pretty sweet pass but seemed like sloppy defending.
  24. naw dawg. Pass interference. Basically, you're not allowed to do anything to the dude until he touches the ball.
  25. my only complaint is that the defender who jumped for it seemed like he brought his arm down prematurely, maybe he thought that there was no way that the ball was catchable. which is why you see his head jerk around to look as he brings his arm down.

    as far as defending the pass, you cant physically stop the receiver from catching a ball before it gets to him, ie holding his arms or taclking him while the ball is in the air, etc. that's called pass interference. as a defender you have to either break up the pass as it gets there by deflecting/intercepting the ball, OR when the offensive receiver catches it, you hit him like Tyson and make him drop it. It's just the same as if the quarterback accidentally threw it into the pool of 3 defenders, the offensive receiver couldnt just taclke them all before it got there.

    there are few exceptions but this is how it works 98% of the time. basically you need to anticipate or have the athleticism to break it up after the pass is made. sometimes it helps to watch the quarterbacks eyes, or depending on where you are on the field you can assume where certain offensive receivers are going to be.

    it was a good pass b/c the quarterback threw it to pretty much where only one person could catch it, though i've gotta think that if the defender tried a bit harder in his jump to block it, it could've maybe had a different outcome.

    tl;dr haha sorry.

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