super compact car or what

Discussion in '2001 Cadillac LMP' started by nicktraffic, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. this car is so much shorter than the Audi R8 look at the profiles, its way more compact weird for an american marque...
  2. Re: super compact car or what

    Actually, the R&S Cadillac LMPs had the LONGEST wheelbase of any that I can recall: 2900 mm! and the width dimensions are the typical "on the limit" somewhere near 2000 mm. The short overhang is atypical of modern Le Mans cars, but they were trying to take advantage of some wing underbody interaction by mouting the wing low with no interfering surfaces below it. In the end, the early Cadillac LMP's were hindered by their lack of a raised footbox and resultant lack of front downforce and they were never competitive unil the third gerneration car... and then, well GM pulled the plug.

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