Super Hornet vs. Rafale vs. Flanker-D

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  1. With the current "War on Terrorism" yes.
  2. flanker is an interceptor though rite?

    for multirole, the hornet is an amazing aircraft. probably the most sturdy in that regard.
  3. Harrier.

  5. we should buy a carrier from you guys like we did in the 50's.
  6. Wow, the cavour is pretty stacked huh.
  7. Whats the weapon capability of boobies?
  8. Countries that can afford to produce or buy very advanced cutting edge fighters can usually afford very good pilot training.

    If you happened to be in an F22 I dont think it would take an abnormal amount of skill to take out a far lesser jet beyond visual range before it knew you were there.
  9. Camaro
  10. First it might be a good idea to compare apples with apples and oranges with oranges.The Rafale and F/A-18E are multi-role fighters and the Flanker is strictly an air superiority fighter as it stands now.

    I voted Rafale.In my view it is the better aircraft.It has better electronics, better weapons and better flight characteristics.Moreover, it's a newer airframe with plenty of growth potential.

    The Hornet comes a close second though, but it cannot undergo air superiority missions as well as the Rafale can.

    As for the Flanker, well it's deadly in close combat but would get swatted out of the air from afar if it ever ventured into airspace controlled by the other two.

    Just my 2 cents.


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