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  4. M5, it's been around for a while now and a lot of people mod them, race them and use the powertrain for swaps and mechanically it's pretty solid. that engine is being used in a lot of drift and race car swaps because its nearly bulletproof and comes standard with a dry sump etc.

    the cts v is also nice and pretty solid
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  7. Who the hell races an M5? It would be like the worst race car ever.
  8. How about a late 1st gen S8 with a manual box?
  9. race them as in take them to the track or local races, not convert them into full race cars. its actually a very capable track car though heavy. i dont see how you consider it the "worst track car" since in stock form its in entry level supercar territory as far as lap times and acceleration is concerned.

    anyways i meant the powertrain however, it's become a popular powertrain swap for race cars and tuners, specially in europe. yes you can find another 500hp+ car like that, but other than exotics you wont get the high rpm/ITB response.
  10. I doubt an M5 could do more than 15 flat out laps at a track day without destroying its tires and brakes.
  11. on stock brakes the only way the brakes would last is if its been stripped out and equipped with proper brake ducting but if its running full weight only a proper big brake kit would suffice. im guessing theres a good 500 or 600lbs of interior that could be stripped out in case of a track/race car.

    as a track day car, you can make the stock brakes last by not late braking and using proper braking technique. a good set of pads and ducting go a long way, but if you want next level braking a bbk is a must. the e92 m3 has a similar brake setup and about 400lbs less weight but i still run into brake fade on full race pads around and ducting in the front. if i take it a bit easy under braking the brakes can go all day. if you want that much extra track capability then you are a bit of a track whore and bbk is a must, unless you strip a lot of weight out.
  12. On that car, the first thing that goes is the clutch. And they aren't cheap as well. But they can be track driven if someone wishes to do so but yeah I agree, bigger brakes, better tires, and you are all set. I would rather track an E46 M3 instead. The manual is a lot more fun at least.
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  14. I think Mercedes wagons are my least favorite wagons.
  15. They're the most soccer-mom looking, especially from the era with the 4 round headlights
  16. Surely not the C-Klasse?
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  18. It'll only be a project car if(when) the water pump fails
    And of course when you do the manual coversion.

    Or just move to the supercity and get like a 5 car garage
  19. When I drove an E46 M3, I was surprised at how heavy and solid it felt. It was quick, but not amazingly fast. When I drove it, (probably over 10 years ago) I had been driving my mum's old X5 around, and the engine felt very similar (her was a 3.0 I6), I thought there would be a massive difference, but the delivery felt the same, the M3 just kept pulling, where as the X5 was slow as shit. The E46 didn't feel a million miles quicker than a MkV GTI. It was a good car, but its gearbox was shit house (SMG) and it was not as amazing as I had imagined it to be. I certainly wouldn't buy one after that experience (mind you I drove it on the roads, not the track).
  20. S8 V10 (the older generation of a8, the 2nd one) or Brabus 600sel (the w40-600sel tuned by brabus)

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