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Discussion in '1994 Piontek Sportech' started by doroth, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Re: looks nice! dodgy roll over bars

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  2. Re: looks nice! dodgy roll over bars

  3. yet another supercar wannanbe

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  4. UGLY!!

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  5. Re: UGLY!!

    what are you talkig about? This car is a cute little thing that i want to hug and squeeze... but not really.

    Its not ugly though.
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  6. Re: UGLY!!

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  7. Re: UGLY!!

    what the hell are you talking about? how the #$%# is this ugly? it looks like a lambo and farrie and a way so how in the hell is this shit ugly? your just a #$%#ing dumbass loser with no taste!! but that was kinda gay when you said you wanted to hug and and squeeze it!

  8. Re: yet another supercar wannanbe

    with a 3.6 0-60 in under 12 sec. 1/4 how in the world do you dare call this car a wannabe???

    what's wrong with dumbasses these days...
  9. Re: UGLY!!

    With a bit of thinking, my opinion of this car may go up as high as cool, but only because there aren't many cars that look like this. But anyways, the name of the company is awesome!
  10. Re: UGLY!!

    The front end looks like a Lotus 340R
  11. Re: UGLY!!

    The whole thing looks like a Jiotto Caspita Roadster!!!!!
  12. Re: UGLY!!

    I think it looks more like a bizzaroni
  13. Superbike engines haul ass.

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