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  1. if you had to rank the top 5 names in supercars..

    how would you rank them.

    for me


    how would you rank the supercar big 5?

  2. I think you're bang on there, tbh.

    Maybe not Mercedes as much as the others, as far as supercars go. It could be argued that the 300SL Gullwing was the first "supercar", but their focus is on luxury more than anything else.
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  3. There are other purely "supercar" manufacturers like Pagani and Koenigsegg which could be considered, but they don't have anywhere near the pedigree of any of the marques listed already, so I think it's right they're not on the list.

    Maserati are edging further and further into mediocrity at the moment. I put them on par with Jaguar really.
  4. Hm, first thing I noticed in that pic was the MG SV xPower thing, got such a weak spot for those <3

    As for the ranking.. 1. Ferrari, 2. Porsche, I think formula 1 being a deciding factor in that.
    3. Mercedes sounds about right
    4 and 5 would be a toss-up between Maserati and Ford, probably Maserati as they made more (different) supercars than Ford did, against Ford's super dominant engine supplies well into the late 90's in F1. The GT40 was so brutal at its time, I'd feel bad for not including Ford.

    All with the exception of Mercedes-Benz & Ford made customer vehicles to fund their racing adventures (and even out of racing Porsche made profit I believe), which is a very dominant factor in my ranking. Clearly Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Pagani, Jaguar, etc. deserve the shout-outs too.
  5. I would say Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati, Mac Laren and Lotus
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  6. Wait, Bugatti should be in here and higher than Ford as well..

    1 Ferrari 2 Porsche 3 Bugatti 4 Mercedes-Benz 5 Ford
  7. I actually thought about putting bugatti instead of mercedes as they are currently the worlds fastest car and have a rich history. It's all a matter of opinion really that's why it's a question not an answer.
  8. Whoa. Theres a Pulse GT1 in that photo! Also see Arash AF8 and a Farboud/Farbio/Ginetta
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    I think of the brands that every single person knows.

    Like 80s and 90s poster cars.

    1. Ferrari
    2. Lamborghini

    But car guys lists will be different.

    My personal list would be

    Due to racing heritage. With ford in at 6th
  10. For Me:
    1. Lamborghini
    2. Ferrrari
    3. McLaren
    4. Porsche
    5. Jaguar
    List any complaints here:
  11. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Porsche, Pagani

    Mercedes doesn't build any supercars
  12. SL series CLk gtr. Sls. Slr. Loads of amg machines
  13. right forgot about the clk gtr. that's the only one. Sls, sl series, slr are gt's/sportcars not supercars.
  14. What are you defining supercars by?
    The SLS Black Series post better track times than Porsche GT3s, McLaren 12c and Murcielago 670SV. And those are definitely supercars.
  15. Well they have to be top of the line, so 911 and 12c are not. 918 and p1 are above those. They have to be super exclusive.
  16. Eh I take it as expensive with amazing track and speed capabilities. Before the P1 came out, the 12c was definitely considered a supercar by most. I mean, the 12c even won the Middle East Motor Awards Best Supercar award. And if rich terrorists think it's a supercar, then it probably is.
  17. In pure recognizability by general public -

    1 - Ferrari
    2 - Lamborghini
    3 - Porsche
    4 - McLaren
    5 - Bugatti
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