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  1. This web site is called supercars for a reason, this is not a supercar.
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    Shut it, you obviously dont know anything about supercars, or even what qualifies to be a supercar.
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    I agree, this car has amazing handling.
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    i think this thing is a disgrace to the svt (special vehicle team)
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    The fact that SVT can mod the Focus to the liking of enthusiasts is an amazing feat.
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    Quote from Formula1Mclaren
    This web site is called supercars for a reason, this is not a supercar.
    i 1010% agree with you, this car is rediculously nothing close to a super car, and is very ugly. hasnt changed much, still remains a pokemon looking crap-mobile. just horrible. go back o the dumpster you ugly focus, and start focusing on how to look better.
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    shut up
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    How old? 11, 12 ?? Get off your moms AOL account and get to bed! It's way to late fore you!
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    Ferrari 316 is right. THIS IS NOT A DAMN SUPERCAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! Supercars are characterized by really crappy gas mileage, a big engine that cranks out a lot of power, and a beauty that God Himself would be impressed with. This has none of the above. Period. I dare you all to respond.
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    Yea, this site does put a lot "not supercars" here.
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    supercar? definetely not.
    but i dont see y so many of you are waking up now - this website has been featuring 'non-supercars' for a while now
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    Well if it had 250 HP at least then it will be a SUPERcar.
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    man all u bitches wont shut up just enjoy the site who cares if this cars not really characterized as a super car the makers of this site wanted it there and guess what its not goin anywhere so shut the hell up damn..........oh and VMIferrari kiss my ass u prick think u know so much bout cars start ur own website and get ur ***** ass out of this one.....oh and ur dare to reply can kiss my ass u dick head
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    why dont you read the FAQ you fools. "we have strived to offer complete coverage of international sports cars". sports cars, not necciarily supercars.

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