Supercarfestival 2009 in Austria

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  1. Here are some photos I took last weekend at Austrias biggest Supercarfestival...

    Ferrari California

    K-1 Renovatio V8

    Wiesmann Roadster 20th Anniversary
  2. Wiesmann GT

    MB SLR-McLaren

    Ferrari 430 Scuderia

    Ford GT40 Replica
  3. Alfa Romeo S.Z. Zagato

    Morgan Aeromax

    Audi R8

    Dodge Viper RT/10
  4. Sweet pics! Got anymore of the K-1 Renovatio V8?
  5. K-1 Renovatio V8
  6. nice pic, thx
  7. That K-1 is mean looking
  8. Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

    Chevrolet Corvette Z06

    Morgan Aeromax

    Ferrari F355 GTS ... I had to clean the License-plate, that nobody can go and kill this guy for painting a F355 in this f***ing colour!
    Funny Fact: The Driver's, his Wife's and his little Daughter's Clothes was same colour! lol
  9. Where in Austria was this show?
  10. CAV GT40?
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  12. love that k1 and wiesmann. and jesus christ that morgan is even uglier than i thought. horrible.
  13. Only in that colour
  14. is that 355 PURPLE?????
  15. Nice pics man !

    I want to hear a SZ before I die <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  16. Thanks!
  17. I was hoping someone would stick a V8 in the K1.

    I want one now.
  18. how many cars did actually turn up?
    & do they drive or are they just parked?
  19. as you can see on some photos, the cars are not only parked.

    there are about 150 supercars every year at this show!

    Ford GT40 Replica

    Lamborghini Diablo

    Struth Lamborghini Gallardo

    MB C63 AMG
  20. damn that K1 and silver Weismann GT look soooo good.....anyone know if you can bring those to the US???

  21. Koenig Specials BB512i

  22. not even the ugliest shade of lavender can make the sublime 355 look bad,

  23. i agree, but however, it's a sin...

  24. Those look like wheels from the 993 911 GT2!

  25. some pics of 2008


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