Supercars accelerating! wich one sound best lads?

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  1. Probably the R8, second to last.
  2. Yeah, personally i think the maserati kills it. Was so loud when filming it. Thinking about getting one, ethier the granturismo or a older r8 v10
  3. Yeah the Maseratis do sound great. A colleague of mine has an MC Stradale. I don't think he ever puts it in quiet mode.
  4. Such beauties.
  5. Welcome, Youknowit.
    Hard to tell because your video is missing a lot of exhaust sound.
    I've never really heard a Maserati, but sounds pretty mean. I've always liked the sounds of the Gallardo/R8 too.
  6. Yeh i was forced to cut it out cuz of youtube copyright while music was playing in background. Later on there is more. Maserati sounds familiar to the 458, i believe they have the same motor? Nevertheless, it sounds good. Love r8 too
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    They're related, but not the same. The 458 uses direct injection and a dry sump and is much more powerful, whereas the Maserati's engine doesn't, as far as I know. The displacements are also different.
  8. lol damn, fucking Youtube.
  9. Yeh was suspecting that, thanks man! Yeh im not a fan of the copyright thing of youtube.

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