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    Dont suppose you could start cutting people until its back to the site it used to be years ago.

    Used to use it all the time to get info, theres way too much stupidity flying around to pick out useful information anymore.
  3. That link didn't work. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/disappointed.gif"></A>

    What are you trying to pull?

    In for ban.
  4. People who try to make sense out of deserve a nice healthy ban.
  5. are you talking about the indies, or the main forums.
  6. yes, because years ago there were no fanboys whatsoever.
  7. People still talk about cars here?

  10. i'm with this noobie. Maybe 15 people here actually have cars. 10 of those people have cars owned by parents. Everyone else is an 'enthusiast' and will realize when they turn 19 years old working at mcdonalds that just maybe they will never own a Murcialago.
  11. almost everyone on here owns a car.

    only ones that dont either cant drive, or are named burner.
  12. For serious. A few years ago it seemed like 90% of the members were under 16. Everyone's growing up now. So cute.
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    Your moniker and coherent speech were enough to keep you riding for 50 posts. If you want to stay longer you're gonna have to make some positive contribution.
  15. meh, i kind of disagree, its not only fanboys its the people going after fanboys to ruin a forum that has been pissigg ne of.f

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