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Discussion in '2002 Chevrolet Corvette Z06' started by khari, Mar 13, 2003.

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    They always ban the topics that are the most entertaining. It gets kind of redundant really, with all the bullshit they let slide.
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    Yeah yesterday I posted a pair of comments on the Z06 forum, pointing out the ironic duality of some morons on this site. I ranted about how shitty domestic cars are for a paragraph, without giving any real reasons or statistics or logic whatsoever, and talked about how badass Imports are. Then I posted a second thread with the exact same wording, inversing the words import and domestic. The second thread talked about how good an import is, and how stupid people are that buy domestics. The point was that the people that talk like that really say the same meaningless things to each other, and that when they try to say that a countrys cars suck, they end up looking like a fool and cant even really complete their point. I thought it was geinious, because people would read one post, respond, then read the second post, and realize what an idiot they are. Anyway, the point is the posts were both removed lickity split. Owell. Its the way things go eh?
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    Agreed, except that I'm happy to see away with replies like "The Corvette is bad because it's American". Stupidity like that is just a waste of the web space, and I'm glad to see it deleted. I don't think your topic warranted be deleted, however.
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    Well, I looked and it appears someone gave your thread a -1 rating. That kicks it to the back of the list of pages. After awhile, those threads get deleted.

    One of rs4man's threads was also deleted, and perhaps your comment there:
    "Not until a corner comes up. The World is not a straight line, why do yanks insist on building cars for a straight line?"
    ...has something to do with your thread being given a -1. Because you wrote that right after someone posted a performance chart of a Z06 lapping a twisty track faster than a Porsche 911 Turbo. It's clear your bias against the Z06 is blinding you. Why come into a forum for enthusiasts only to slag the car? And ignore the evidence provided to you? Combine that with your condescending attitude about American cars and there’s very little wonder why your thread was rated down.

    Just to make sure it wasn’t I who rated down your thread, I gave that thread a +1. So now your thread is back on the first page, only still deleted.
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    "...but I have a hard time accepting Dodge's need for such a massive displacement engine for relatively average output in its class."

    Why assume it has anything to do with "need"? It has nothing to do with it. Dodge wants an engine of that size, its customers have no problem with it, so what's there to complain about?
    What other cars are in the Viper's class? Hint: 2-seat convertibles with 500+ hp and over 525 lb/ft of torque for about $85K.

    Flagship? Porsche can't make a $55K car that can match the Z06? I thought that being the unparalleled engineers that they are, the Germans should be able to make it faster, quicker, cheaper. That is the true mark of excellent engineering, is it not? True, the GT2 is faster around most any track than the Z06. But at what expense? Does it ride better than the Z06? No. Does it get better gas mileage than the Z06? No. Does it have the instant throttle response and torque of the Z06? No. Is it a car you'd feel comfortable with driving everyday? No. Unless you want to change out those solid aluminum bushings for some real-world daily driving components.

    Engineering and build quality. I guess the Z06 is so bad, JD Power & Associates found it good enough to place first in initial car quality among premium sports cars...

    And let's re-examine your statement, which *followed* another person's post showing the Z06 can indeed take a corner:
    "Not until a corner comes up. The World is not a straight line, why do yanks insist on building cars for a straight line?"

    Let me guess. "Yanks" is a term of praise for Americans, is it? It might be, if you are American.
    Secondly, why assume the Z06 is built for a straight line? Is the 996 Turbo not a potent enough handler? Or are you saying that anything that can beat a 996 Turbo, yet is still slower than a GT2, is still a car built for a straight line?

    As you've pointed out correctly, some tracks do favor other cars more than some. Nurburging is a great example. It's Porsche's home test track away from home, if you will. All of their great products are tested vigorously there before being released for general consumption. It should come as no surprise that the GT2 does so well there. In any case, it is no longer the record holder for stock production cars at the Nurburgring.

    Now, try to stay on topic. The problem we have is with windup artists who flood these forums with their personal attacks, flames against people based on their nationality, preference of cars, etc. To speak nothing of those who claim to be open-minded automotive enthusiasts, but who in reality are not.

    "Others may not always agree with my standpoints, but at a site that implicitly requests my opinions, I demand that they be shared with others that frequent this site."
    You really are at the mercy of the editorial powers of the moderators on these forums. And we, in turn, are at the mercy of the fine gents who administer this site. Neither you nor I have any "right" to be here, nor do we have any right to have our voices heard. It's up to the site admins. If you don't like it, then the solution is quite simple. You can either leave, or you can take it up in the Website Discussion forum. You know where to find it.
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    Where did I bash Porsche? Is it bashing a product when I say they have “great products”? Sorry to offend your delicate sensibilities, lol.

    “You seem to have turned a blind eye to my pointing out that my opinion is not a bias, but rather an opinion I have formed based on my own personal experiences of the car, whether it be driving, reading about or merely observing the car. In fact you seem to have ignored a good portion of my earlier post, as many of your points or questions were already answered in my post. Did you actually read it, or just kind of skim through it...come on be honest, you can tell me?”
    Even if I told you, would you believe it? Didn’t think so. But just for fun, I’ll humor you: yes, I did read it.
    What’s your experience with this car? What are your credentials? Anyone can say they’ve driven a zillion cars, and therefore claim to be an authority on those zillion cars. Doesn’t mean they’ve actually got any hands on experience with any of them in any way. This should also affect the JDP&A study issue.

    “The fact that someone as biased and less that thorough as you can be given the title of moderator speaks volumes about my complaints that, although on the right track, have some serious procedural issues they need to address before they can set their sites on greatness.”

    Greatness? Who says they’ve set their sights on greatness? Lol, not even I would pretend to know where they’re taking this site.
    Regarding your comment about the Z06 and straight lines, you can read it again here:
    The second post of that very thread disputes the theory that the Z06 is only good in a straight line. It sure as hell isn’t going to pull on the Turbo, nor is it too likely that it’s going to outbrake the Turbo. If it can’t handle a corner, than there’s very little chance it will post a time equivalent to the Turbo, nevermind actually being *quicker*. So there’s no reason why your comment about Yank cars going only in a straight line should even appear in that thread, because that has already been brought to your attention on the very first page. Either you overlooked it, or you disregarded it as bogus. If that’s the case, why should anyone endure your opinions when they conflict with evidence that is brought right before you?
    In any event, that is only one instance where the Z06 has beaten the Turbo on a racetrack. I have two more instances on file. It seems there’s a good chance that Khari has already brought this to your attention, as mentioned in his post immediately following yours.

    You are opposed to censorship of any form? I guess that means we have to accept spamming of the forums? Anyone can just come in here and post numerous times, the same thing over and over again (sometimes just one-line sentences or merely blank spaces), just to increase his post count? What about people who post hardcore pornography here? Child porn acceptable to you. It must be, because you said you’re opposed to censorship in any form.
    Are you telling me we are wrong for deleting rs4man’s statement here:
    “SO SHUT THE **** UP!!!!!!
    Who's feelling stupid right now sweety?!?!?!Are you feelling a bit nervous......So you won't reply prettending that you haven't seen it when you've already burst out crying or feeling a small hate for me!!!!!You know I DON'T CARE CAUSE YOU'RE A DUMBASS.What you'll say in your next post will be folly because it'll be a really stupid thing!!.. I DON'T EVEN CARE OF WHAT YOU'RE SAYING FOR ME CAUSE YOU'RE A GREAT LOSER AND THAT I UNDERSTAND IT FROM THE TYPE YOU'RE WRITTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SO SHUT THE **** UP CAUSE YOU'RE A FISH!!!!!!.”

    I suppose that contributes to the free exchange of thought and opinion on such an esteemed forum? Take a look at the titles of some other threads, below, which were also deleted. Can you honestly say those are the types of threads that should be allowed to remain? What sort of constructive comments can be made there? Do you really think they’re even looking for constructive comments?

    “You spent the bulk of your proclamation that the Vette was superior to the Porsche using the argument that it is cheaper.”

    I said nothing of the sort. You need to read more closely. I never once said the Vette was superior to the Porsche. Merely that it has some advantages that the GT2 does not. I also noticed you failed to address any of those issues. Are you denying these advantages? I never once said either car was better than the other, since when you make such a claim, you are in fact making a statement about value. And in trying to determine which car is “better”, most publications that test cars head to head will almost invariably factor price into the equation. C&D does it. R&T does it. Auto Motor und Sport does it. That’s why, in their test of the 360 Modena F1, 996 w/Triptronic, C5 Corvette w/4-speed auto, and the Jaguar XKR, the 360 Modena F1 came in dead last when the final points were tallied up. If you don’t like that kind of testing procedure, that’s up to you. But that’s the reality of car evaluations. You could conceivably compare a VW Beetle to a McLaren F1,but what would the point be, really?
    To think that GM *can’t* build a car on a par with Porsche’s GT2, simply because they don’t currently do so, is also pure folly. That’s like saying Porsche *can’t* build a car with a monstrously torquey engine and trick folding hard top, ala SL55 AMG, simply because they haven’t. Or saying that Porsche *can’t* design a car with the brash aggressiveness found in the Dodge Viper, simply because they haven’t. Utter rubbish. Each car has its place in the marketplace, and each does well in that regard. And once again, no response to the question about what other cars are in the Viper’s “class”? That’s exactly why such threads should be closed. When people are unable/unwilling to answer questions presented to them, there’s very little sense in continuing further.

    “I've stated on several threads on this site that I believe the Vette is a good value, yet you seem determined to get me to concede that. I have many times and I will again here: MWB HEREBY PROCLAIMS THAT THE CORVETTE IS A GREAT VALUE.”

    Ha, you said nothing of the sort in your thread that was deleted:
    “Once upon a time (50's and 60's) the Vette was a World-class car. How could GM allow a legend crumble to nothing more than a poor man's sport scar; a bottom feeder of the two-seater World?”

    Lemme guess, by saying that the Corvette (the Z06 in this case, since we are in the Z06 forum?) is nothing more than a poor man’s sports car, a ‘bottom feeder’…that’s your way of complimenting the Vette?

    Another gem:
    “When GM goes back to building decent cars, I'll stop insulting them.”
    That pretty much implies that GM does *not* build decent cars. A Corvette is a GM, is it not? Doesn’t it therefore follow that you think the Corvette is not a decent car? But wait, you said it’s a “great value”, whatever that means. Yet you admit to insulting them (the Corvette *not* being excluded). Backpedalling now, are we? And I just noticed you did not address my own comment to you in that thread. What’s the point of having an open, honest forum if people are unable/unwilling to answer question directed to them?

    Regarding the term “Yanks”. We get a lot of folks from Britain (and other places) calling us that. I’ve yet to see a single instance where it is meant as a term of endearment, or merely used as a harmless nickname. Just as I don’t know you enough to call you a Canuck, why assume you are somehow above the protocol of respect? Did you mean the term “Yank” in an affectionate sort of way? Most obviously not. It was meant (and rightfully taken) as an insult. Sure, we Americans sometimes (rarely) refer to ourselves as Yankees. Yet, I find it difficult to believe that I could go into a Canadian population and refer to you all as Canucks (in the same manner of tone that you used in your comment) without expecting some sort of physical retribution. And rightfully so. Just as you see some African-Americans calling each other “niggah”, would you be so foolhardy to do the same? Not unless you too are black.
    Take a look at the pic below. It’s of a desecrated cemetery in France, one that contains the remains of many British soldiers who lost their lives in ridding that country of the Nazi scourge. Do you suppose the term “rosbeefs” is meant as a harmless nickname? Do you suppose the use of “Yankee” is meant as a term of endearment? It’s quite clear that the answer is no. And it’s quite clear your attitude in using the term “Yank” was indeed meant to take on a negative connotation. For how else would you insult GM products? By calling them (and their supporters) by harmless nicknames? That would make little sense.

    And as for “Ryce” or “Ryce-boy”, I thought that term was coined by Bryan Hong, the originator of the “Ryce Boy Page”. If he himself is not offended by it, why should you? Besides, many here also make reference to “American RYCE” or “Euro RYCE”. The term may offend those by ethnicity, but seeing how it’s mostly aimed a a certain type of car enthusiast, maybe it’s not as bad as you would think. After all, many Americans, Europeans, and Middle Easterners also eat ryce. So what?

    “I like coming to this site, but I'm not sure if anything will keep me here if it gets to the point where I'm the only one left with anything decent to say.”

    Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out…
    But as I’ve said, if you think you were so horribly wronged (and by me in particular), by all means, take it up in the Website Discussion forum. You might even get some answers from the moderator who did in fact delete your thread. This site admins also frequent that forum, so perhaps they'll take you up on your grievances.

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