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  1. Is it just me or has forums gotten uber boring. Ever since the new forums went up, I hardly ever post here. I've noticed that the quality of topics has gone down hill as well. Perhaps this is due to lack of karma. I think people are no longer motivated to post interesting topics. This is still a great site and all, but I havent really felt the need to visit this site very often.
  2. cryptic hobo: too many n00bs
  3. People were never motivated to post by karma. Only complete tools cared about Karma, and the threads posted reflected that.
  4. No, but karma did affect the quality of topics in the forums. Ive noticed that...
  5. How do you determine exactly what affected the quality of topics, exactly?
  6. was even better than that before Karma.
  7. It would seem is on a continual downhill slide.
  8. I blame S.
  9. I blame people who always say it used to be better.
  10. i have noticed.
  11. well, imo, karma didnt do anything.
  12. i blame the truth. that it used to be better.

  13. I really did not pay too much attention to karma, but it did somehow motivate me to post more relevant topics. The previous version of was more simple, which I liked. I dont know, maybe I've been gone for too long...
  14. It's because of S.
  15. I shouldn't have doubted you.
  16. Three people will understand this conversation.
  17. If people cared about karma, than how come so many people didn't have a karma point at all. In your logic that means they didn't care about good quality threads.
  18. it did though, when there was less than a 500/1000 members
  19. The fanboy wars going on lately at European are hilarious, amenasce and I playing the Ferrari fanboys role against the rest of the world... the funny thing is that n00bs watch that and think we are serious, then they start argueing against each other while I just seat back reading their posts while laughing my ass off....
  20. I agree. Ever since the forums came online a few years back I would frequent them at least once a week, but now I'm bored of them, too... :S
  21. This one time, there were a bunch of funny people like me on here all the time, and it was sweet.
  22. Mmm?
  23. WTF happened to the AIM parties? Those were good times.
  24. I was amused.<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    I haven't been a member for too long, but the forums haven't gotten better or worse since karma left. I like the karma idea, but I don't know if it is needed to keep bad threads from forming.
  25. i dont visit here very much anymore either. the car forums are total rubbish now. i only come in here cause its funny sometimes. especially when gemballa is here.

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