Supercars that will still be talked about in 15yrs

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by Tipo F130A, Oct 4, 2009.

  1. Idiot.
  2. None of those hold a candle to the Spec V.
  3. all of them
  4. I was thinking by comparison to a corvette.
  5. No, I am far to be retarded but why are you such an obstinate cretin . But even if the thread specified supercars of the 2000's, the fact is that older supercars are still remembered. You are the one who is failing to see that some supercars designed and made in the 2000's were just marketing hyped cars and not as successful as were their predecessors. Aside some supercars like the r8, the z06, the zonda and the koenigsegg, the carrera gt and the mc12 not many other will be remembered.
  6. This thread asked to post which current cars will be remembered in 15 years. and your dumb ass posted cars from the 1980s, you #$%#ing idiot.

    No shit cars like the F40 and the 959 will always be remembered

    Ugh just got trolled by a fake account
  7. MurciƩlago, mostly because the LP670SV.

    Brutal car, totally love it!
  8. Carrera GT, SLR, Enzo, LP640/70/whateverthe#$%#, Zonda (any), Veyron,

    all that sort of shit
  9. Porsche Cayman
    Ferrari California
    Audi TT

    Some names come to mind.
  10. the enzo and zonda will be talked about. the carrera gt will be forgotten.
  11. Doubtful. I don't think any of the major manufactures will have nay cars that are "forgotten", let alone something like the Carrera GT.
  12. Carrera GT
    Zonda (any version)
    Viper SRT
    Audi R8
  13. The Pagani Zonda F, the Enzo and the Veyron are the Hypercars of the Decade.
    But i thing in 15 year whe will still talk about the R8 because its the first supercar which makes drinving fast so easy.
  14. Zonda F/R
    Carrera GT
    SLR Mclaren
  16. Zonda F
    Carrera GT
  17. it wont. the slr probably will be - sort of.
  18. it wont. the slr probably will be - sort of.
  19. All the "royal Ferraris": F40, F50, Enzo, Enzo successer (because they are top end Ferraris)

    Veyron (because it markes the end of an aera of extreme gas guzzlers and passed 400 kmph)

    McL F1 (because it was the fastest car for many year and one of the very best supercars ever made)

    Maybe the Zonda range (It came out of nothing and became legendary from day one + it was one of the one-man supercar adventures that was actually a success)

    Countach (look at it)
  20. and when do you expect people to start talking about it?
  21. lol
  22. McLaren F1
    Bugatti Veyron
    Ferrari F40,F50,F60
    Peel P50
    Lamborghini Miura
  23. lol thats becasue its a 996. go see how 993s are holding up.

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