Supercars you don't like.

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  1. i love the racing car. the roadgoing mc12 is fugly. blue and white dont go together on a car and it has a ugly rear wing.
  2. As I've said in other threads, I dislike nearly all Astons. However, the only Aston that qualifies as a supercar in my book is the One-77, and I like it.
  3. I like most of them but here are a few unfortunate cars:

    The M-B CLK GTR was really ugly and really overpriced.
    The Aston One 77: Ugly, overpriced and still nothing special. Already forgotten....
    The Aston DBS: DB9 is nice but soft and a kind of feminin. The DBS is a riced DB9. Not nice. Could have been great.
    The McL MP4-12. Horrible design but the rest is probably perfect.
    Audi R8: The design is basically wrong. The roof line is too high and the wheelbase is too long. Tons of vents, inlets, gills and LED's cannot save it. It just adds "x-mas tree" to the design.
    Covini (is that the name?): 6 wheels?! Are you kidding me?!
    SLR: Looks: Vulgar. Transmission: 5-speed converter. Not nice.
  4. Viper
    American "muscle-cars"
    LF-A (not bad but seems "incomplete", poor torque and ten years old F1-gearbox)
  5. dbs, mp4-12, r8 and slr arent supercars.
  6. What IS a supercar? Agreed, the MPS is not really a supercar. The mp4-12 is for sure a supercar! And I would consider the R8 V10 a supercar as well.. The SLR....Super GT maybe....
  7. have you ever seen an R8 in real life? this is not at all the case
  8. mp4-12 and r8 v10 are sportscars, not supercars. supercars are the high end expensive insane cars like the carrera gt, enzo, diablo, f40, f50, zonda, xj220 etc.
  9. Basically any "American" supercars.

  10. the mosler and saleen don't exist?
  11. never really liked the k'segg, always left me cold.

    think the F50 is awesome but hate the way it looks.

    thats it really. bit meh about the murceliago but i still like it.
  12. they are not supercars.
  13. why do you say so? elaborate
  14. Because they're not Italian
  15. I have driven one
  16. Oh my god im dealing with a ritard.

    There is no such thing as an american supercar.

    Hence, any american car claiming to be a supercar is false.

    Is this really so hard to understand?
  17. And Asstralia?
  18. Who made the definition of a Supercar? I have an idea, and to some point I agree with you. DBS - no supercar. McL MP4743--3822/F1-66 Supercar.

    Magazines like evo consistently calls cars such as 458 and Gallardo Supercars....

    An F40: Totaly a supercar, right? A Gallardo will drive in ciclres around it, has more power, more cylinders, similar mid engine layout but is NOT a supercar? Apprently the time factor has to be taken into consideration as well?
  19. you're a fUcking idiot, seriously
  20. This because it's bland as Camry and looks like Mosler replica.
  21. uh yeah.....
  23. lambo espada
    ferrari mondial
    porsche gt3 rs
  24. GT3 RS?

    And yeah, the Mondial is a supercar

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