Supercharged V8 or Twin Turbo V8

Discussion in 'Technical' started by VIPER 5, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. Superchargers is an easier way to get power/torque, however some turbos can easily fit compared to S/Cs if you want to keep the stock hood.
  2. PSi on a blower drlivers more power

    PSI is pounds per square inch, but it isnt CFM of air, it is just measurment of pressure. I can have 15 psi and 30 psi and get the same power from a turbo. You need to know where the PSI is being rated at. right at the impellor? up pipe? manifold? or what? I can have a bigger pipe and have less PSI on the up pipe of a turbo, but get more CFM of air in the engine and make more power. or fcourse timing, spark and cams have to be right, but thats another argument.
  3. Supercharger but I hate the whine.

    All turbos have some lag (no matter how big an engine) which annoys me.
  4. I cant stand the sound of a Supercharger, i like the rush a turbo gives you. Turbo for me
  5. This thread is too broad.

    does it have to be twin turbo? or can it be one? or more?

    what kind of supercharger?

    can we include turbo and supercharger?


    and it ultimately depends on the application of the car.
  6. The S7 makes boost at parking lot speeds. No, I have never driven it, but Road and Track did.
  7. It all depends on how much lag annoys you. The TTiX kits for vettes hit full boost (typical 5.7L forged motor setups hit 600-800 RWHP) around 3200 RPM vs. peak supercharger boost on a V8 at around 6500 RPM (restricter plate a little earlier.) Getting to 3200 RPM (and youre above that going through the gears) is too fast to truely be annoying (IMHO.) Big turbos on I4's I can understand the lag being annoying though.
  8. A positive displacement supercharger gives plenty of low-end boost and has much better throttle response than a turbo.

    That's why I would prefer a supercharger. Because it keeps the NA response of an engine.
  9. Big loud whining blower cut out of the hood on a 71 trans am.
    doesnt get better than that.
  10. broad question as often occurs on these boards....

    i personally prefer turbocharged engines to supercharged ones, specially larger displacement ones(eg 5 liters and up). however, i actually would PREFER a bit of lag below 2500rpm or so for a street car, because for normal city driving, a V8 engine of decent displacement would not surpass that rpm, specially under highway cruising. this would a)prolong reliability and more importantly b)increase fuel mileage.

    below that rpm, a powerplant of high displacement produces more than enough torque to get things going, and specifically being a V8, it will be perfectly smooth at delivering it too.

    if this were an engine of smaller displacement (eg 3 liter v8) supercharging would probably offer a more desireable powerband for street applications.
  11. i wouldnt mind a whipple s/c V8
  12. What about Quad turbos? Those pretty much eliminate lag.
  13. Id rather have a centrifgal s/c, 2 roots type s/c and 8 turbos on my 14 liter v8
  14. Twin Turbos (parallel)
  15. All the another useful household members, pals
  16. nerd
  17. twin supercharged turbo v8
  18. Superchargers for me. Turbo's will "perform better" but that isn't a priority for me. I like the sound.
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  20. TT, just look at NREs

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