Supercharged w/ sh*t

Discussion in '2001 Roush Mustang Stage 3' started by robert2420, Aug 9, 2002.

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    2001 Ford Roush Stage 3 Mustang
    Obtained from C&D June, 2001
    0-60: 4.3 Transmission: Manual
    1/4 Mile: 12.9
    1/4 Speed: 111

    it's called a good torque curve, stupid. the super-charger does exactly what it's supposed to do: deliver an even power-band to maximize acceleration. i won't call you stupid for thinking that the firebird is prettier than a mustang, even though i don't agree. that's oppinion. and i happen to like gm's performace cars. i just like the mustang better.

    i can, however, call you stupid for saying this car is not a good performer. your statement was nothing more than a random thought you had after viewing the few stats has on this vehilcal then you ejaculated it all over your keyboard because you get off thinking you and your car are better than others. after you are done looking at your car and foddling yourself and telling random people that you "hate #%$s" to prove how not gay you are, then reving your engine in front of the middle school to show off to the chicks, maybe you can do us all a favore and stop typing.
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    Its only a 6psi Supercharger on this car. The Roush 380R has an 8psi supercharger. Which puts out 380rwhp.

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