supercharger in any car?

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  1. Im very interested in putting a supercharger in my car, but i dont know if it is safe or not. Ive heard that you can put a supercarger in any car, and i just wanna hear what people have to say about this.
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    yes you can put it in any car and it's very safe to do so......Superchargers are much more reliable then turbos....go for it
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    i don't know what kind of car you have but if you have a ragular gt grand prix i heard that the trans can't hold all the hp but i think thats crap. I know a gt with 300hp with no supercharger and the same old trans.
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    sorry man, they have tried. the gt tranny cant hold up the a the gtp super charger or more

    they are actually working on a turbo setup for the gt though.

    You might want to check it out on
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    I have a GT, how can i get maximum horsepower without dishing thousands of dollars?
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    To maximize your horsepower you can get a K&N air filter, a chip, or a new exhaust system. You can get this at .
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    i have 2001 GT. Lets just say i could get a gtp tranny, put it in and then stick a supercharger on it. would i blow something up or would i be fine?
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    the gt and gtp's have the same tranny, (im 99.9% sure about this, verify with dealer to make sure)

    you can supercharge a gt with not real problems, you just have to do it correctly, its not just simply bolt it in. the compression in a gtp is alot lower than the gt. you would also have to do rockers, pcm, throttle body, etc...

    Check out for more info on this.

    For cheap GT mods read below:

    A fender well intake is your best bet and least costly. (about $50 for filter and PVC piping) You can find instructions at:

    Exhaust (catback with ubend removed) You can get one custom made with flowmaster or alike for about $300-$400 (call your local shops) that a few hundred less than borla, slp, or corsa.

    There is no such thing as a chip for a GT you have to get a reprogramed pcm $300

    180 thermostat $5 any parts store

    up grade your coils wires and plugs (coils: $150, Plugs: $30-$60, Wires $50-$100 All depends on the brand and where you get them.

    Weight reduction is key, remove subs, amps, spare tire, back seat, etc.. when you know your going to race. they say every 100 lbs lost is 1 tenth of a second gained.

    All the panty wipes that are just talking sh*t dont click the link below. if you have a true interest in modding a GP then use the link below to view the GP forum and you will learn tons about your GP. The forum isn't full of asses and lets keep it that way please!
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    the gtp does not have the same tranny as a gt. the gtp has the HD version of the one in the gt. it's just a little beefier to handle the extra torque put out by the supercharger.
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    The 4L65E tranny is stronger then people give it credit for... The HD in the GTP cars refers to the differential, not the tranny itself... The diff. is the weak link there... If you honestly want a stronger tranny, pull one from a boneville ssei or park ave ultra...
    Now if it's power you want from a grand prix, l67 or l36, no problem!
    One of these offer supercharger kits for the l36, and one is almost ready to release a turbo kit... Everything from rockers to blocks to intercoolers to m112 blower conversions... If you're serious, ask intense or zzp... I bet they have an answer

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