Supercharging a NA 300ZX?

Discussion in '1984 Nissan 300ZX' started by SupraTT, May 3, 2003.

  1. Is there a company that sells a complete supercharger kit(or different stage kits) for the Z32 300ZX?
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    It's strictly custom. It has been done but not for chap and not easily.
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    So buying a twinturbo engine is a better idea then?
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    buying a TT engine for an NA Z is just about as complicated as a custom supercharger. i've talked to a lot of people about it, and it would be cheaper and easier to sell your NA and buy a twin turbo. the engine fits the same in the car, but all the internals are different. vacuum assist on the clutch, intercooler ducting, upgraded exhaust to cope with the extra heat, upgraded gearbox (i.e. new transmission)and the final drive ratio was different on the two cars, so you'd need a new rear diff, just to name a few. a bolt on turbo would be the easiest route if forced induction is where you want to go. just get a thicker head gasket to lower the compression and get a nice GReddy aftermarket turbo or something. i know a guy who did that and is pushing close to 500hp at 10psi with i think a 25psi maximum boost.
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    search On for the conversion tech. It's been done but requires a lot of fab work as the last post implies. Adding an aftermarket "bolt on" turbo is not an option. Just sell the NA and get a TT.
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    I've been considering the NA/TT conversion for a little while myself. Here's a link to what I've found to be the most helpful bit of information on the subject. It explains in detail what parts you will and will not need.

    Of course selling your NA and buying a TT would be more cost effective with out a doubt, if you have the basic 2 seater with T-Tops. But if you have a slicktop, convertible, or 2+2 and want to keep that configuration the choice is obvious. A conversion would be the only option.
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    What year did the TT come out? Was it '94 like the site says? Its just that I am looking at buying one and there are a lot of 90-93 models that are twin turbo.
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    Sorry I just realised this site says the turbo came out in '96. question still stands.
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    The Z32 came out in 1990
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    I doubt the turbo came out in '96, I have a '91 TT......
  11. Why wouldn't you just get a TT?

    turboing a n/a version of a turbo car (example: eclipse gs)
    will never give the same perf as the car that came w/ a turbo. They have
    different gearing, different compression ratios, & on & on.
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