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  1. can anyone explain what "supernatural" means? is it a new technology or just not naturally aspired?<!-- Signature -->
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    Supernatural for the 1994 model C8 means a 383 with enough power for a 4.7 second 0-60, 13.1 quarter mile, and a .94 skidpad. Not bad, but they redid the C8 Camaro to commemorate the final year of the camaro. The new C8 packs 465 Hp and is of course even quicker. Loking at a 4.1 0-60 with quarter mile in 12 flat, and top speed of 180 miles an hour. Unfortunately it'd be cheaper to get a Viper with about the same amount of performance.
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    i love camaros but thats one ugly front end it has on it
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    I actually like the front end. More aerodynamic.
  5. I definately agree!

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