Supra vs. Starion

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by Firechikin1968, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. What would you rather have? MK3 supra or Starion?
  2. Farrai s2000
  3. I would mutch rather have a Starion. The Jet valve thingies are utter crap though => They crack your head!
  4. Starion. They're quite a bit rarer, at least in the US. I have yet to see one.
  5. Supra cause im fast and furious
  6. Personally i would go for something totally different, like a BMW 325i. Here are some poopra pics, all of those are just not right, but you get an idea what would be possible.
  7. I would rather not have any of them. But if i must i would go for the starion.
  8. I would go for for something like this (minus fartcan), and do the MKIII turbo swap
  9. I agree with you. I mentioned the Celica-Supra because TS seems to have his mind set on eighties Japanese cars.

    I personally would like to own one of these with some version of BMW's straight six.
  10. Probably the Starion for its looks
    The E21 up in the previous post is what I'd pick over both
  11. I'd take a mk.2 Escort over all of them
  12. Yeah, you know what? I'd get a Manta 400 lol
  13. MIV Supra

    **** the bullshit cars
  14. Never heard of the concept money?
  15. No, that's something poor people like you worry about.
  16. SUPRA ALL DAY MAN" I'M WITH YOU. Supra's are just pure animal, and so sexy.. Have you driven one? I use to own one.. Great car man.
  17. stop bumping old threads you #$%#ing arsehole
  18. It's a tough one. I voted Starion. Both really cool cars though.
  19. starion because im jackie chan
  20. no you're not and you know it
  21. you dont know
    i could be simmo posting with christofurrs acc
  22. lol the mk3 supra is a terrible car

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