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  1. hi

    whats a good backpackers in
    Perth, Western Australia
    somewhere between the airport and the train station

    maybe just for one night to avoid the brown #$%#s
    maybe two becuse i get bad hangovers
  2. *supréman
  3. why are you going to perth
  4. i hear its nice
    lots of boongs
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  6. is that a website of a gaybar down in freemantle
    id go there but freemantle is a way away from the train station
  7. i clicked on 'gallery' hoping to see some action shots, but there was noone in the pics
  8. maybe theres no cameras in the toilets
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  10. ill be there twink
  11. you're looking for a place to wear your fanny pack?
  12. i can wear that anywhere
    im looking for somewhere to simply walk into
  13. one does not simply walk in with a fanny pack
  14. Can I get a mod to unsticky this
  17. I'd love to sticky SupraMan.
  18. this shit isnt funny
  19. heheheheh maybe you wanna takee a bus on bricks instead? XD

    lmao just a lil repetitive humor

    there good!

  20. Humoure on is so much more fresh
  21. owned
  22. no scrubs aloud
  23. They don't want no scrubs
  24. a scrub is a guy who get no headshot on me
    on his macbook pro, scrub hat on, trying to pocket heal me

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