SuprJames for dalhdrin project car

Discussion in 'Modified / Tuned Cars' started by xDRAN0x, Jun 6, 2010.

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  2. I vote yes, but I don't know for which question.
  3. I voted YES, but SuprJames is about to come out of the closet, so he won't do it.
  4. You better hurry before there's nothing left then, lol. I was over there today buying parts off it.
  5. as lang as he doesn't put a v8 in it.
  6. as long as he puts a ls1 in it
  7. How much is he selling it for?

    My understanding is that it just needed a body, electrical, and a few for minor things. Most of the big expenses had already been made (best way to buy projects)
  8. and if its already set up for a 4 banger you could slide that miata unit in there out of your other project.
  9. I think he still has the Mr2 motor with the rather large turbo in it, no?
  10. It also had no rear suspension. He's also sold parts off it already. It also has not been fully welded together. In those pictures its not actually sitting on the wheels.
  11. ok who owns this now then? how much is it selling for?
  12. This. Even before I started breaking it down/selling parts off it, there was a tremendous amount of work left to do. Including designing/redesigning a LOT of it (never designed the rear suspension and planned to redesign/rebuild the front) and the building body would be no small feat.
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  14. maybe he didnt lose interest in cars, just lost interested in this lame site thats 10% about cars.
  15. I'm planning to start something like this, but I'll get help from a friend to design the frame, because he's an engineer, and I can't design a frame for shit, but I'm studying car design and I've got a nice design for the body. I just have to do the design packaging ( I did it very loosely) and adapt existing headlights and taillights to the design.
  16. What engine? make a new thread
  17. Probably a small block Chevy. Cheap and easy to find, plus lots of aftermarket parts. I'll make a thread when I strart the build. Still have to work quite a bit on the design.
    I'm also starting to like the idea of building a Lotus 7 clone, so I have to decide which way to go.
  19. Maybe or maybe
  20. lol its jsut a bunch of high-priced car parts sitting ona crude home made chassis
  22. Kinda, yeah. Much of that chassis was temporary for placement, actually. That being said, there's nothing wrong with a square tube-frame chassis and it's not like I was just guessing on stuff. Fairly crude, yes, but it gets the job done and I didn't exactly have an autoclave handy.
  23. Is it on blocks?
  24. ya and its only half on bricks , come back when that thing is fully on bricks and you sleep on a mat .

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