SuprJames & his Supr Vette

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    Was browsing YouTube for early 70s Corvettes and saw a familiar car in one of the thumbnails. It was his, and he had a handful of videos up that I don't remember him sharing here, so here they are.

    What a great job he's done, check em out:

    Walk around with him explaining the work and modifications done:

    Various rev pulls on the highway:

    Montage of drivebys:

    Cruising fun @ an event:
  2. Not a fan of those, but that look gorgeous.
  3. He should contact the guys at the drive channel on youtube. they do a feature called Big Muscle and have featured a good number of pro-touring cars for their first season. They asked the viewers to contact them at the end of their last episode if they were interested in getting their car featured. i reckon his is good enough.

    I'll send him a message.

  4. That's a good idea. It would be neat to see him on there for sure.
  5. Veyronman, thanks for pointing me in that direction. I went ahead and shot them an e-mail, so we'll if anything happens. That is a pretty cool channel!

    That video of me talking for like 10 min. was brutal. I should have written everything down! lol
  6. Post more pics
  7. Always admire craftmanship that takes it beyond what the factory can do, yet retains the hint that 'this is what the car could have looked like'.
  8. The only good looking corvette is the c3 and this looks even better.
  10. sounds amazing! Love the drive by video
  11. Hwy stuff looks like the turnpike!
  13. I love how you can still clearly hear it, despite the mistake of recording with windows open
  14. That's just such a badass car, man. Bet it's a panty puller too.
  15. very nice car supr james.
  16. Supr car.

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