sure are alot of stupid people here

Discussion in '2002 Honda NSX Coupe' started by Vanilla Ice, Dec 20, 2003.

  1. Why do you people go out of your way to bash a car? Bashing a NSX no less. A car wich outperforms, and costs less than most of the cars you people use to show how overpriced/overrated it is. Please crawl in a hole and die.
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    Well, that's not very Christmas-like <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    I do, however, agree.
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    The same way you people don't go out of your way to praise a car.

    Fact is NSX = OVERATED.
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    we're going out of our way to praise this car....BECAUSE IT DESERVES IT


    (lol, you can't even spell overrated correctly)

    Awww, are you acting out because nobody gives your beloved HSV's the "attention they deserve"....we're sorry, but we only give praise to truly GOOD cars.

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    That was a typo. Look at the other forum i spelt it right.

    Yes HSV deserves more credit than they are given.
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    thats why a type-R can lap a track faster than a 575 maranello [top gear].
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    HSVs are good cars. have you ever took a ride in one? they may not perform as well as some cars, but they are very fun.
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    Yeh actually my dad drives one. They are a great car to zip in and out of traffic and they're a ball on the track
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    I know they're alright, I'm just having a little fun with him, since he's going around getting pissed off at people just because they don't think HSV's are the best thing on gods green earth.
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    Or Nurburgring in 7:56, or lap a track faster than the Murceilago.
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    I just don't think they get enough credit and car's such as the WRX get too much. Enough of the Sarcasm man, your making yourself look stupid.
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    It takes a lot for an Asian import to earn my respect. However if you call this car overrated u sir are an ass. This car is so immaculate it is not even funny. This is one of the few cars that make it in my "I want to have sex with this car" list. Look at the numbers, the styling, and evrything in between. Its hard not to be impressed.
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    In my opinion this car is overrated when you consider for $50k more you can buy a 911 Turbo which performes better than the NSX(not nsxr which is more expensive gain) it has more luxury, and it turns more heads because of the fact that it is a Porsche.

    You truly are sad. You have a list of cars you want to have sex with. Well at least it made me laugh when i read it.
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    its like talking to a brick wall.
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    Yes, yes it is.
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    Well that's just your opinion, when a car with a 2.0 litre engine performs better overall than every single marque from one name brand in which each car has a V8 engine, then I'd be inclined to question which is overrated, especially when the ONLY fans of that marque are all obsessed with it.

    I'm sure you'd like to tell yourself that so that you don't feel so dumb yourself, yet no matter how much you wish it to be so, it's not going to come true, you can tap your ruby red slippers together all you like.

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    sure are alot of stupid people here

    haha what a dumbass.......
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    The Murci did a 7:43.5.
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    I wasn't referring to the Murceilago when I mentioned that about Nurburgring, I was speaking of the numerous track tests in which (generally on twistier tracks than Nordschleife) the NSX-R has kept up with a Murci and even beaten it on a few occasions. It's capable of running faster track times, but only on rare occasion, that alone is impressive.
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    Why are you comparing the NSX to the 996 Turbo, which you say costs AUS $50k more? Why such a desparate comparison?

    I've said it before, I'll say it again. The NSX is made largely of aluminium, in very limited numbers, hence the price tag.
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    If that's how the price tag is justified, I don't agree. In my eyes it's Overrpriced.
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    Like it or not, that's the reason. You'll pay a premium for any exotic car that's built in a labour-intensive manner, such as the NSX, or an Aston Martin, a Bentley, a Bristol, or a Ferrari.

    Anyway, we've established elsewhere that price is a rocky issue. It might be a pricey car in Australia, but in the UK an NSX coupe will cost just a few thousand pounds more than a 996 Carrera.
  24. I also think the NSX is under rater. It also has A LOT more potential if you asd a bigger engine. It is one of the very few asian imports that i respect.

    To 'Passwaod please': if the mustang was for pussies then why is it one of the best selling cars in history? looks like someone needs to wake up and smell reality.
  25. Because everyone I know who owns one is compensating for their inadequacy as a male.

    The one time saw someone punch a Mustang owner (right after he grabbed my girlfriends crotch, she punched him right in the face before I even had time to react), he cried for 3 hours.

    One guy in my hometown who was always getting picked on for being really feminine (I think he's really a closet homosexual....nothing wrong with that but I think it might actually be the case), he now owns one (his first car at the age of 21 lol) as I found out when I went back home for the first time in 3 years, he works at a liquor store, and he's still a pussy, I just went up to say hi after not seeing him for several years (I always felt sorry for how he was treated by his peers), and even though I had never done anything to harm him, he flinched as if I was about to hit him, he then proceeded to challenge me to race because he has a real "ryce burner" I said sure, told him where and when....he then said that road was too dangerous, and said he wanted to race straightline. I asked him if his stang was manual or automatic (knowing if it was manual that I would beat him, because he'll never learn how to shift well), he said Automatic, I said nothing doin' I don't race when I'll obviously lose. He threw a fit, called me a pussy, I said, "well, if you're willing to race in real conditions, on a real road, you know where to reach me, I'm not going to race you when I have a car that's slightly slower in the straightline, and all you have to do is stomp on it". I was there for two months, he avoided me everytime I went to the liquor store. Yes, he's still a pussy.

    I could also tell you about a guy who threatened to sue me after I had agreed to race him after he had harassed me until I agreed on the condition that it would shut him up, he ran himself off the road when he entered a turn too fast after catching up to me after a long straight, he was trying to pass me much too fast in a corner, he destroyed his drivetrain, suspension, and tires, also did $5000 damage, he threatened to sue me after I went back to help him out, I just walked away.

    I have many many other stories about Mustang owners, bottom line is, they are often trying to compensate for their inadequacy, they are often emotionally stunted individuals, and they are often scared little boys.

    That said, aside from justification, I also have that as my sig to make a play on the sig: "Civics are like Tampons, every Pussy has one".

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