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  1. 3 out of the 4 that you mentioned have terrible reliability and the fourth one isn't built for offroading. None of them are particularly good or difficult to beat.
  2. I do not believe that the guy is looking for off-road ability.
  3. I forgot about that. Maybe the BMW is a good choice.
  4. I would hazard to agree, though I would say the ML320 CDI or the VW is the best choice.
  5. Those vehicles will bring you anywhere, but they won't bring you back.
  6. He's staying on the road. And Hummer is not doing well for reliability, either.
  7. Japanese SUVs are ok (except someone), while American SUVs have not only shitty interiors, but shitty "everything" (except someone).
    p.s. who says Audis aren't reliable?
  8. I now realize that he's staying on the road. I wouldn't recommend a Hummer, but I wouldn't recommend either of those other two SUVs either. The VW is better on the road than a Hummer, but its main strength is offroading. The ML has good on-road manners, but it and the VW have terrible reliability. I would never buy an SUV for on-road driving, but if I had to, I would take either the Infiniti FX/Nissan Murano or the Toyota Highlander/Lexus RX 400h.
  9. "who says Audis aren't reliable?"

    Consumer Reports
  10. surely it's more more reliable than Chevy &co.
  11. audi's are reliable, the electrical systems which are in almost every car nowadays, sometimes fail. every car company has that. the engines don't need a lot of work. shut up.
  12. not even close

    Elite brands don't normally have the reliability of mass produced brands.
  13. A VW or a BMW aren't mass produced cars... neither are the Range Rover or the Porsche...

    WTF. Shut the fvck up.
  14. Obviously I was referring to Chevy & co. when I said "mass produced brands".
  15. I would recomend the X5 4.4i all the way because i have one and love it
  16. Out of those the new X5 or the Range Rover Sport
  17. Volvo XC90 V6
  18. Cayenne or Sequoia (I have both)
  19. Since no Tahoe, other.
  20. Cadillac SRX V8 with the revised interior, the thing is bad ass.

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