1. Is this car really needed?

    We've got Subarus and Volvos that can carry as much stuff, have AWD and can have an off road ability just as well as an SUV. SUVs have worse handling and are easier to tip over. Not only that, they don't sip gas, they guzzle it.

    Most people buy SUVs saying, "This car can climb anything." Is that true? No way that it is. SUVs are more like image cars than cars w/ a purpose.

    This car IMO is really not needed.

    * I can't believe I said all this. I sooooo f*cking bored. There's nothing to talk about. :(
  2. Re: SUVs

    duno i think hummer is a good company makes good trucks haul freakkin ass lookit that weight too and they can still climb mountains
  3. Re: SUVs

    No, they don't haul ass. I usually spit my gum out on the windshilds of SUVs. Some morons actually try to chase me a little bit. So pathetic. It's pretty much impossible to find weaker street performance, give or take a garbage truck. No, I take that back. It's pretty much impossible to find weaker street performance.

    My car is safer at 150mph than an H2 is at 70mph.
  4. Re: SUVs

    rock on garage king a suped up honda is way better than a h2

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