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  1. In the GTO Forum, there are alot of members stating that the GTO would out-perform the SVT Cobra...Some are crying bloody murder because the cobra is supercharged and the GTO isnt. Some are making retarded remarks that the SVT isnt STOCK because it has a supercharger and others are crying that to make it fair to MOD the GTO. I say, if you want to make it a fair challenge...MOD both of them..and see what happens..STOCK vs STOCK, my money is on the SVT....MODDED vs money is still on the SVT. Go ahead..mod the GTO with a blower and get 450 HP....price of a blower....around 3 to 4 thousand....Lets mod the Cobra...Lightening pulley, Bassani Xpipes, K@N Air filter.....over 500RWHP around for under 1,500 (way cheaper to mod the cobra and get more out of it). Im not dogging the GTO because it still is American muscle, I just pitty the members that cry and whine, with "YEAH WELL" and "BUT WHAT IF" and "WAIT UNTIL"
    excuses are like assholes..everyone has them
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    stock vs stock I don't think there is too much to worry about. The gto is not likely to be made faster than the base model corvette. If it was they would be hurting the vette sales. The 2003 cobra beats the base vette in about every category except maybe track times and braking distance. I personally see the car in a different class maybe compared to the maurader. See times ranging about the same maybe even a little faster. Could be a great car can't wait to see some official performance times.
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    Rustangs...your an icon to american muscle car fans. Thanks for the backup. Like I stated in that forum, I Love the engine on the GTO, its american and it has lots of power..thats enough for me to admire it. LS1, LS6 engines are hardcore no matter what car hood they are breathing under.
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    LOL....Nah...not hittin on u bro, just giving credit where credit is due. Question, sometime next year I am planning on purchasing an engine for my mustang, I was thinking of the 351 V8, or should I wait for the new cobra engine 5.0. Reason why my mustang is not modified is because there is no way in hell that Iam going to void my warranty. I already have the roush side pipes, cobra R kit: Wing, front facia, and hood, 18X10 inch rims. the only thing I have on my car are the rims, everything else is in storage until the new engine goes in
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    Yeah its the crate engine. I originally was going to purchase a supercharger which i saved up for,..well I have 2,500 saved up for the "MUSTANG GET FASTER FUND", and I figured why not a v8 with a larger displacement. But anyways, I'll wait and see what the hype is all about. I have read about at least 3 car tuner/manufactures that have their hands on the new svt cobra engine. As far as the GTO goes...its like giving mouth to mouth to a corpse..."a waste of breath"
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    Im looking at 350HP range...nothing too outrageous. One of my buddies has..or should I say Had an LS1. He supercharged it...a few months later...blew the engine, now he drives a lightening. I for one am staying away from stroker engines, just in case one day I decide I want to break the 500HP barrier and supercharge the engine <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    After I read your reply I went into a website where they make turbo kits for the stang...and you literally have to take out a morgage to get a turbo kit for the car. Well I still have a ways to go, to decide when to purchase the engine. That must be a bullet-proof tranny he has on that WS6 to withstand all that power and torque. Does he have a Transcooler on it? I read somewhere that a guy had a HEMI engine in his mustang, I wonder if the new charger is going to have a hemi in it. Send some engine pics of that ws6. I also read that the new camaro will be sporting a 350cid modular engine, i guess GM is upgrading from stroker to modular and that the car will be based off of a 1998 firebird. Now an engine like that will absolutely LOVE forced induction.
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    The GTO will likely match the Cobra performance wise
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    MatronX...don't know if you'll ever see this bro...but my buddy Mike...took the Turbos out of his Anniversary Edition Convertible and put then on his WS6 Collectors's lighter since it's not a convertible and his fastest is 10.11 @ 136mph. Here's some pics.
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    No it won't...sorry, they may have made it's LS1 less restrictive...but the Cobra pulls out 370+rwhp stock. I bet the GTO will be nice but it'll probably pull 13.5 second 1/4 mile runs. Not the 12.7's I've seen stock Cobra's run.
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    How many times are you going to say that, Rustangs.....

    It is JUST NOT TRUE. The Cobra DOES NOT post 370 RWHP stock.
    I've seen a number of 340RWHP dynos and a couple of 350+. NEVER have I seen a 370RWHP dyno stock (except the one you posted and CLAIMED was 370 without realising it wasn't really stock)
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    You know what Bored UP? I've shown you dyno charts...everthing...You can't say anymore until you yourself are around these cars like I am...go to a local dragstrip...go to a dyno day...and you'll shut your mouth I promise. What an airlid is no longer considered stock? Since when?
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    By the way BoredUp...I'm not trying to be a dick...but I know this stuff through experience...If had the capabilities of showing video I'd show you some...but it doesn't. Like I said I know through experience you know from what you read.
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    Experience. Friend down the street with an `03 Cobra (member of the Wildhorses by the way) dynoing 346 and 341 RWHP. He ran a 13.14, 13.08, and 13.26 at Palmdale. Three runs I witnessed.

    I`m still talking.

    You have not shown me (nor have I ever seen) ANY dynos of a stock car posting 370+ HP to the rear wheels. Although I did see a few with the air box and silencer removed pulling 370+. That`s no more stock than rezipping the ECU or pulling your cat.....

    You`ve been to a dyno day? Have a cookie. Whoopee..... I`ve been to four since returning to the U.S. Two of which had a couple-three 03 Cobra`s there (at least two of which stock..while I was around at least)....STILL talking. As a matter of fact, the WildHorses have another one THIS Sunday at Apex. Nice of you to bring it up....
    If I`m not overly occupied with the Lantern and Garlic festivals this weekend....I might wander in. Although, I certainly have seen enough.....
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    I saw a 385 RWHP dyno sheet somewhere. I will see if I can find it, but I am postive I have seen it.
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    Yeah and I bet his trapspeeds were above 106mph...all good for 12 second runs...from there it's all about the driver...if you saw 13.0 I bet you'll see 12's if he keeps it up.

    And that dyno chart I showed you was 350rwhp stock...then he took the air lid out and made 370rwhp...and those dyno numbers you're talkingabout are about 400hp at the crank...that's well above the 385 you read in the I rest my's done it's over just proved me right.
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    For someone who proclaims to have so much knowledge about Dyno' should also know that Dynojets (the MOST common dyno in the U.S. ...and used at all four of the Dyno-days I have been too) have a tendency to read high compared to the industry-standard in house dyno's.

    Besides...10 Hp underrated does not make. That's less than a 3% difference....EASILY attributed to a number of factors.

    Like YOU just said...350 RWHP stock. Then why do you keep claiming 370 RWHP stock....IT ISN'T TRUE and YOU know it.

    Yes it is done and over with...thanks for proving me right<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    Yes you are right about the dyno jet...inwhich your friend did it on a dyno giving me another example like a Mustang Dyno doesn't prove you right at're just knitpicking now...

    Why do I keep saying 370? cuz taking out the airlid doesn't mean the engine isn't stock...thats like saying taking your hood off means the engne isnt' stock...if the engine isn't stock then the exhaust manifolds would be changed...the pistons...the cam...forced induction would be there etc...

    Obviously you and I have different views of what's stock and what's not...changing an airlid or even taking it off to me means the engine is still stock.

    And no you proved me right from the arguments before about it being underrated...and you proved me right about it being a 12 second what were your neighbors trapspeeds?
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    I NEVER said it WASN'T POSSIBLE for the car to run the 1/4 in 12 seconds.

    We can theorize forever how fast the car COULD HAVE GONE based on its trapspeed. But if it doesn't have the traction to pull 12's on a regular basis...that's isn't an excuse for why it SHOULD be a 12 second car.

    I'll have to ask him about the trapspeeds....wouldn't want to get them mixed up......

    Stock to me is OFF THE LOT. Pulling shit off the car to make it faster is not stock. You might as well gut the interior and lose 150 lbs....."but the engine is still stock right?"

    You might as well pull off the cat to reduce parasitic losses in the S/C....."but the engine is still stock right?"
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    No...again you're Knitt-Picking...I only used the hood thing because it can happen...nothing would've been done to the engine...but it helps greatly in performance still in some cars...

    We're obviously going nowhere with these arguments...just respond back when you get your neighbors trapspeeds.
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    13.14-105.1 ,13.08-107.3, 13.2-104.8

    Your comment?
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    Hmm those trapspeeds are actually very low for those times...Especially for a forced inducted car...most of the 03's I see run trap about 110.
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    Is your stupid friend also forgetting to take it out of first when he races?
    So because you know somebody who can't race that means the Cobra isn't as fast as we know it
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    Not a chance
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    Yeah.....that MIGHT be funny if a number of magazines didn`t see the same times? would be the first in line to kiss his ass because..."Oh my God! He has a COBRA....LOL.

    Decide to come back and get some more beating?


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