SVT Focus & Civic Si comparison

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  1. I'm surprise no one has started this thread yet. I personally think that the svt focus is in direct contact with the civic si in terms of target market. Both have similar hp output at 170hp and 160hp respectively and similar torque figures at 145lbft and 141lbft respectively.

    Also, they are both n/a engines and they are both hatchbacks. They most noticeable differences as of now I would think are the price ranges.

    In terms of performance, I really don't know which one would handle better and accelerates better though. Focus probably has some good suspension experiences from the RS and the si always had pretty good suspension.

    But if I were to pick one right now, I would say the si, just because I believe that it is more reliable. Which would you pick?
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    yo man, i dunno man....this is tight
    i would pick the si though
    cuz its a ford...

    focus reliability is problematic lik hell
    jus check consumer reports....

    one more for the si!
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    Its Ztec vs Vtec!!!! HA HA
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    hah, i think this forum hasnt been started for 2 reasons.

    1) (although i dislike ford with a passion) SVT focus OWNS the Si in every comparison...

    2) No one really cares, i mean these cars arent flashy, or fast, 0r great handlers...

    P.S. I #$%#in hate the word Z-tec and stupid chevy ass shit Vor-Tec... Fuckin wanna bees
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    Yeah, well they may not be the fastest cars in the world, but what the hell. There happens to be a 2002 si in my driveway, and i love it. Im sorry to say that everyone cant afford to drive a 2001 nsx, so how about opening up to other cars on the market jackass
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    The one thing that dissapoints me is their 1/4 mile times! I know that that isn't everything, and I've ridden in a Civic SI, and I was really impressed. BUT, it won't beat my current car (96 Cavalier z24) in the 1/4 mile! Both are lighter, with more HP, but the torque kills them I guess. Maybe where the weight is doesn't help, but I would think that with the advantages it has it would be quicker, not just the same, or slower (depending which of the two, the SI, or SVT).

    Anyone had some track time with these cars to post something better than 15.8 at 88?
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    ok maybe i am way off but every cavalier i have ever raced was roughly the same as mine so are you sure that your car is faster cause my car is a peice
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    The big difference is this.... a VTEC motor Lasts a ZETEC motor and Tranny DOES NOT!!! Im a car dealer... and i can tell u FROM EXPIERENCE that ZETEC MOTORS SUCK SO MUCH ASS it really makes me sick... ford can't build a good 4-cylinder motor, and thats just a damn fact!
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    I think Civic Type-R vs. Focus SVT is more appropriate, SVT has shown better track performance than SI, but the SVT is more the Type-R's class in every way, and the Type-R has its way with the SVT.

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    SVT Focus & Civic Si comparison

    Ford can't build a decent 4 cyl? Check the record books, Ford's 2.3 Turbo was better than any 4 cyl chevy ever made, and, it was bulletproof. Car dealer my ass. Why don't you pull your head out of your ass, and learn something about cars?
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    Well I don't think I could make the clear distinction between which engine is better, the VTEC or the ZETEC, but then I'm pretty Honda has a better transmission. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the focus uses the tranny built by Mazda which is also used in the protege. From consumers report, one of protege's biggest problem has been the transmission. So I think the tranny on the focus is not all that realiable either.
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    V-tec is much higher performance, and (it's a given) much more reliable.
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    Well, then my 4-cylinder Ford is an exception for sure: my brand new project is a '93 Escort Cosworth with originally 220 hp. This is a well known rarity to all of you supercar-lovers.
    I managed to find one which was worth to buy (although the engine ran nearly 200K km). The tuning procedure is nearly finished by now: 300 hp (including slight increasement in the turbo boost), I drive it since 6 months now and I had no problem at all!
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    Agree. Plus, in my country a Focus SVT (which is called ST170) is exactly in the price range of a Civic Type R. The Focus RS is a little bit above these two, but what about comparing the RS to a Type R?
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    The RS is in a higher class, it's in the same class as the Impreza WRX STI, and the EVOVII, I suppose however that it would be somewhat fair to compare the RS to the Type-R, just so long as you remember that the Type-R isn't meant to compete with the faster, turbocharged, RS. IMO NA cars should be compared with NA cars, Turbo'ed and super'ed cars should be compared with either similarly boosted cars or NA cars that have a larger displacement.

    p.s. I hope American HP sees your post, it supports an argument I was making earlier.
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    Im sorry to say to all the dumbasses asse dissin this car. go into your own forums if u don't like ford aight. AND THIS CAR IS AN EXCELLENT CAR. My parents just bought a focus se with a z-tec engine the thing beat a v6 camaro. and that car is only 130 hp. so if u gonna start dissin anycar make sure u know what the fact are aight.
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    I would go Ford. The breaks on the SVT are big advantage. And the Chassis of the Focus is praised for its feel. I would definitely test drive both though.
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    IN Europe, the CIvic Type R is the direct competitor of ST170 Focus, or the SVT Focus. They both costs the same, and both are factory modified.
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    Wow...ARe you serious?
    A focus SE can beat a v6 camaro?
    In what way does the 130hp focus SE ever beat a camaro(besides its price tag)?
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    I'm just wondering who has a better 0-60 mph?
    The SVT or the type-R?
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    Here are the facts: Type R has 200hp, SVT has 170hp. Type R does 0-60mph in 6.5 sec, SVT does it in about 7.4 sec.
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    Not a great handeler? SVT pulls the slalom at 65.4 MPH. Thats the same as may top end cars.
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    the 2.3L turbo i4 ford built is the best 4banger Ford ever built. GM was never in to the turbo4 market, so i guess that leaves Ford to trounce the competition. those engines make 275hp on upped boost EASILY. great engine IMO. and Vortec has been around way longer than Vtec for the retard who said GM was a "wanna be". Vortec first debuted in the late 80s numbnuts.

    BTW- the 2L i4 in the 98+ Escorts are reliable engines, trans is a different story if not maintained, but the motor is great.
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